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31 May 2023

I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with the services provided by Assignment mavens. As a working professional pursuing my Master's degree, time is of the essence for me. I decided to seek their help for my research proposal, and it was one of the best decisions I made. Highly recommend them to others seeking reliable online writing assistance. More...

31 May 2023

I recently used Assignmentmavens for an important academic paper, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was seamless from start to finish. The website was easy to navigate, and placing my order was straightforward. The best part was the quality of the writing itself. The writer assigned to my project was highly knowledgeable in the subject matter and delivered a well-researched and meticulously written paper. I was impressed by their attention to detail and the clarity of their arguments. Additionally, the paper was delivered well before the deadline, giving me ample time for any revisions I wanted to make. The customer support team was also exceptional, responding promptly to any queries I had throughout the process. Overall, I highly recommend Assignmentmavens for anyone in need of professional writing services. They provide top-notch quality, excellent customer support, and timely delivery. More...

7 January 2023

They provide affordable and quality work at a given time. Highly recommended.

2 January 2023

Absolutely fantastic! I am very impressed by their services and quality of work. If anyone want a realistic suggestion then should try assignment mavens.

19 December 2022

The staff members understood my instructions and delivered my tasks before expected. Great people and the best company. Keep going.

15 December 2022

I was stunned that they delivered my work before the deadline. I am glad I read assignmentmavens Reviews which convinced me to hire them.

13 December 2022

Presumably the least expensive rates I have at any point seen for this short contort! You all set aside my cash. Much obliged to you.

12 December 2022

Speedy delivery by the team. My essay was delivered hours before the deadline. I was so relieved that I got the time revise it myself.

2 December 2022

I can not find any words to describe the assignment mavens fantastic team. Not only they have the best staff but the writers and the quality they deliver is out of this world.

1 December 2022

Plagiarized work was given to me and when I pointed it out and asked for a refund, they wouldn't give it. Their site claims to be 100℅ money back guarantee. They kept saying 7 business days and I will get a refund. It's been 3 weeks and I still have no refund. More...

11 November 2022

"I am recommending Assignmentmavens to some of my friends and all of them agree, this is the quickest and most affordable academic writing service out there."

14 October 2022

Great staff and friendly support. The staff keep me updated. I receive my work on time without any mistakes. Highly appreciated.

7 September 2022

Assignment Mavens is the company I was looking for for writing work. They did not let me down. Their work is appreciated.

5 August 2022

They did my work, which was five pages long, in just 24 hours. It was quality work and professionally done. I will use their services in future.

25 July 2022

They have reasonable valuing and conveyed my errand around two days ahead of schedule. Truly astounding and quick conveyance time. Keep it up.

21 February 2022

They have 24/7 customer service, being there regular customer I've tested it myself. Safe to say they don’t compromise on customer satisfaction and the quality delivered.

31 January 2022

I was stuck with writing up my final year research and I always missed a detail or two while writing. I decided to get writing help from a professional writer and my decision to choose this service was worth my while. The best part was that the writer had a grasp on complex Neurobiology concepts and it was really helpful. More...

31 January 2022

I was not sure about a topic that I chose and placed an order on this website for writing because I needed assistance from someone who had the field experience of Physics as well as a grasp on writing. I was definitely right about choosing this service, these guys helped me nail it! More...

31 January 2022

Being a history student, I always have to contribute in terms of new research and findings. I am always working on a paper or two. Now, the words don’t always come right out of you and sometimes, writing help is needed. I always use this website for help and the writers always come through. More...

31 January 2022

My dissertation was getting very late and I didn’t want to repeat the semester. Hired these guys and paid for the instant delivery. Simply amazing, that’s all I can say. More...

31 January 2022

"My father recently lost his job and we were going through a lot of crisis. I had to get a scholarship for my Undergraduate program as I wasn’t able to finance my undergrad studies. For the scholarship application, I had to write an essay. I wasn’t good at writing essays but somehow I wrote it and I wanted someone to edit it and make it outstanding. The scholarship was quite important for me and I didn’t want to lose it. My best friend recommended me to check this website and when I got on the website, the customer support agent provided me with a huge discount and assisted me in placing the order. They edited my scholarship essay perfectly and I was amazed by the quality of the essay. The customer support services are available 24/7 and the editors are highly qualified. The essay made my scholarship application outstanding and I got a full scholarship at the Yale University. Just a few dollars helped me saved thousands by getting the scholarship. I will highly recommend everyone to at least give them a try. You can save thousands of dollars just with the help of their experts. THANKS TO THESE GUYS FOR MAKING MY FUTURE." More...

11 December 2021

If there were minus stars, I would have given that, 1 star is way too much for this scam site.

I had 3 orders placed with these people, 1 order about a year ago, and 2 orders recently.

First order was done a year ago, they delivered the requested paper barely few moments before the deadline, so I had no time at all to review the paper and had to submit it as fast as possible to ensure I do not fail the course.

A week later I get notified that I have failed the course due the fact that my paper did not cover most of the provided required subjects. So, I had to contact this firm again and inform them just to have them provide a modified paper days later that was of no use for me instead of refunding the order.

Placed 2 orders for 2 papers recently 5 days before the deadline for these papers.

4 days passed without any contact or interaction from them or the "Writing Team" I am supposed to get in touch with to have any updates on my papers.
On the 5th day and after spamming the chat on their website I was told that the support on the live chat have no clue once so ever on what is going on with the actual writing of your papers, they are there just to push you to place orders and that's it! absolutely no knowledge once so ever about the status of an order once its placed.

I had to reach out to the "Writing Team" via email, waiting on average 60 min before I get a reply, and once I get one, it’s just another generic replay on the lines of " We are working on your order and will update you once its ready" , signed by the name of the live support agent fake white name with no actual information regarding my papers writing status at all!
40 min from the deadline, I received the first paper, I quickly reviewed it , learning from my past mistake , just to find out that half of the requirements were simply ignored and not even included in the provided report, exactly the same situation as my very first order , but wait it even get worse ! the other half is straight up copied from another materials available on the web, with a score of originality being lower than 76% for the paper originality report!

I informed the "Writing Team" about the status, just to be informed than any adjustments would take min of 6 to 8 hours and they cannot do anything about it as they must reach to the "Writers" and get the updates from them. Now in case you are lost I won’t blame you, because the communications chain goes like: You -> Live Support - > X Nowhere / You -> "Writing Team" Via email -> 60 to 90 Min Wait time -> Generic Response / Response informing you that they have no clue as they need to -> "Writer"-> No response at the end.

Now, I have a trash report that I cannot use, and another that has not even been provided, 10 min away from the deadline. with nothing to do about that from the live support agents or the writing team via email, thus I straight up failed 2 courses on the spot.
2 hours past the due deadline, the second report was provided, I downloaded it and started reading, and guess what? The report is straight up for some one's else paper! It’s not even for my paper! not even the same topic or any thing to do with the requirements I provided!

I sat there, failed 2 courses, wondering how could such a scam service exist with over 4.7 stars rating on Trustpilot?

So I emailed them back asking for a refund , hours later I got a call from a fake “Jessi White” ( Yeah as in Breaking Bad inspired fake name), this Jessi White was so convincing about getting in touch with the higher management in regards of my experience , that he will follow up on my case personally , and that if I only give them another chance , he will personally make sure that I will get my papers in top quality delivered to me in max of 12 hours , and he made it very clear about the 12 hours ETA, as that was the extended deadline I got after begging for it!

You think things got resolved? Not at all. Nothing happened, 12 hours passed by since my call with “Jessi White”, I get back to the live support, get informed that my revised papers won’t be delivered for another 6 hours. Once again, they were given a second chance to redeem them self’s , and yet they screwed it all up again.

So I asked for a refund once again since there is no use for the papers at this point with me missing both the original deadline and the extended one, just to be informed that QA will review the case and if they decide things went wrong from their side they might refund my order, what a joke.

To sum things up, its garbage level service that copies materials from the web and stall beyond deadlines and never answer to your questions with useful information.

TL;DR : Trust me on this one, please do not even consider using them, either try your best to finish your work on your own or find another service, these people will just stress the hell out of you for absolutely no outcome at all.

8 September 2021

I placed an order with them. with the order, I sent two sample articles for reference but they copied data from those samples articles and wrote a terrible paper which was supposed to be a technical journal paper but even a high school student can write better than that. very disappointed. Asked for a refund and more than 2 months still waiting for my refund. Not recommend to anyone More...

21 June 2021

Any student worried about their assignments and other academic papers look no futher. Trust me, I have used all their services and I have never left unsatisfied. Excellent service and professional people in the company. More...

17 June 2021

I just got a 93/100 on my thesis and all credit goes to Assignment Mavens writers. Will definitely be returning for more help soon.

16 June 2021

One of the best services that I have seen. Highly recommended.

10 June 2021

I am a bachelors student and assignment mavens helped me whenever I needed. Happy with the company.

4 June 2021

AssignmentMavens is the best site for me when it comes to essay writing. Whenever I tried them, I found best. Great work.

2 June 2021

This is the best team of writers among all the writing companies. They keep on improving their writing styles which is visible on all my assignment, that’s why I don’t look for any other service.

27 May 2021

Their proofreaders are extremely knowledgable, and can understand and edit any document. I’ve hired them to proof read my assignment and research papers and I always receive quality is return.

27 May 2021

I am never worried about an upcoming assignment or an essay because I know AssignmentMavens will deliver quality work and that too before the deadline. This is how a service should look like. More...

26 May 2021

My sister asked me to hire authentic assignment for my dissertation. The quality they delivered in such a short time was amazing and also the way they dealt with me was admirable.

26 May 2021

These guys are wizards when its comes to writing theses and research papers. The quality and then the free revisions, why would anyone not want to hire then again.

28 April 2021

My essay was delivered hours before the deadline. I was so relieved that I got the time to revise it myself.

28 April 2021

I have taken the service of assignment writing from this site. My experience is very good.

29 March 2021

They promise professional work but the truth is that they're not professional, they don't take deadlines and quality of work seriously , don't waste your money with them.

24 November 2020

The assignment was extremely complicated but the expert did a splendid job. I got a very good mark. I recommend it 100%

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12 November 2020

This service hands down is one of the most splendid writing service out there. Thet give the most precisly written and professsional articles.

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