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We are known as the best catering company in Michigan for good reason. Our dedication and commitment to quality and sustainability has earned us a loyal following among our clientele, one that continues to grow based on enthusiastic referrals.

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Enchiladas,Enchiladas are corn tortillas rolled around a savory filling, then topped with a chile sauce and baked. They began as a street food that brought together two staples of Mexican cuisine: tortillas and chile sauce. (The Spanish word enchiladas means “in chile.”) The appeal is easy to pick up on. This is an economical meal that can be made using leftovers, and it’s both hearty and versatile. While traditional Mexican enchiladas are made with cheese, nowadays, they can be filled with any variety of meat, chicken, seafood, or vegetables.

Listen and suggest, he idea here is to consider what your guests will enjoy the most based on the type of event you are planning.

Passion for Cooking, the smile you get from the outcome and the relationship we build

My Mothers recipes, my family's love and my enthusiasm to create a memorable event

Our Commitment

We make all of our recipes with fresh ingredients. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your order.