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New York, NY

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American Grill isn’t your typical NYC restaurant. It’s a place for food lovers and those who are looking for the best food in NYC.
We provide private chef services.
We provided catering services.
We provide restaurant consultation.

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it is all about communication with the cliet. If they want French cuisine, we do French, Italian, Chinese. Multiple, and we offer many suggestions.

We love everything about our job but is the smiles as they taste the food that really inspires us.

Just the lack of good food here in the world. We are inspired by the lack of really good food.

We aim to please. We have done work at the federal Govt. We have catered to many politicians, in executed offices. We have catered to our neighbors and much charity work. We are here for the ride, and to deliver a high caliber product. We have GREAT customer service at all levels, from the initial phone call to the cleanup.

We have the capability to deliver no matter where you are. We can set up a cooking class of course.

We have kept with all updates from the Center for Diseases Control and using our Kitchen health compliance, we can promote that not one of our staff members got infected since the start of this epidemic. We have delivered to homes that are in quarantine due to this and no one of our staff has contracted this Covid-19. Safety is our main concern. .


To cook at your facility, home, dining area whether indoors and or outdoors.

We have catered at the white house, catered for Gov't Cuomo and for Mayor Diblasio. We have catered weddings, bachelor parties, funeral wakes, and birthday parties.