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Sole proprietor Architect with 25+ years of experience; Colorado licensed. Currently taking clients for residential (new, remodel, additions)or commercial (core/shell, TI, remodel, renovation). Located in the greater Denver, CO area.


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If the garage structure is in visually good repair, then you can probably convert. However, if the existing concrete slab is cracked, uneven, heaving, spalled, or otherwise severely damaged, this could add cost to the project. This goes for perimeter foundation as well; it needs to be in condition. Another item is the elevation of the garage floor relative to the main house floor. In some older houses, if the concrete floor is close to the same elevation or even level with the main house floor, you would need to step up into the converted area due to the new floor framing. This may not be desirable for your situation or may not be allowed in your jurisdiction. You will also want to note the ceiling height of the garage relative to the main house floor. Ideally you wan the new floor to be level with the existing main house floor but the garage ceiling may be too low per code to accomplish this. You will need at least 7'-0" clear for the ceiling; there are some exceptions but this is the typical rule the building department will follow.

Most loft space isn't designed for the live and dead loads of living space. They are typically framed with smaller members than those needed for living space. So, one of the first things to expect is adding a floor and the needed structure; this will take about 10"-12" out of the existing clearance. Second, most codes require that areas with slope roof/ceilings that 50% of the ceiling is at 7'-0" clear above the floor and that no part of the ceiling can be lower than 5'-0" clear; this is after you've added the floor structure mentioned above. Lastly, new energy codes require a lot of insulation in the ceiling roof assembly; so, you may also lose headroom if the existing structure isn't deep enough to accept the correct amount of insulation. If you do some rough math on these two things, you will have an idea if you should move forward.

I consider myself an everyday Architect. That is I help clients with the everyday projects that don't make it into magazines or win awards but are essential to live our everyday lives. I understand the impact a successful house addition or remodel can have on a family. I believe that good energy goes out into the world to help keep things balanced. That doesn't happen without people like me.

The ability to choose which projects I work on. The ability to better connect with clients on a more personal level. After working in an international firm for 10 years, I felt like just a cog in the system.

Many professionals become experts in just one area without the benefit of cross pollination of many perspectives. I have a wide field of experience in many types of projects and use all my experience on every project regardless of size and type. However, I do enjoy working on smaller projects which allow a more personal connection with the client. Smaller projects usually have clients that are putting their hopes, dreams, and savings on the line to reach their goal; their passion and energy is contagious and makes completed projects all the more satisfying for them and me. I am also very laid back and practical in my approach to life and work.

Some services can be completed remotely but the nature of Architecture is that we deal with the built environment which naturally requires we be present to witness existing conditions or to see how construction is progressing. The design process is also an in-person experience to get the best results. You can't always pick up body language, tone, expression, or the energy/excitement of clients over Skype or Zoom; and, the client can't take you to another room in the house to show you an example of what they desire. They can send photos but seeing it in person is invaluable.


If you ideas about a remodel or new build but want to vet them out with a professional before committing to a larger contract, this is service is provided at the hourly rate of $100.

Not sure if you need an architect? Want to discuss the feasibility of a project? This service is provided for the hourly rate of $100.

Do you have all the stamped plans ready to submit but aren't sure how to start? Has the building department reviewed your documents but has comments that need responses. Architects do these things for every project. This service is provided at the hourly rate of $150.

If you have a new commercial/office space that you are leasing or have purchased, I can help you with remodeling or building out that space. I provide this service for the hourly rate of $150. This could include measuring and photographing the space, creating new layouts/plans, coordinating with engineers, and preparing permit documents.