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Get vetted and dedicated creative talents. We offer remote teams to businesses, startups and personal brands for design, development and deployment of web and mobile applications on the cloud.

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- A clear message
- Consistency
- A clear Emphasis
- Responsiveness
- Intuitivity

What kind of value are you looking to create and how would you like to reach your customers with this value?

My motivation to get up every morning is the value I create. Being able to write a few lines of codes that increase conversion for a business or optimise business processes and efficiency is everything for me.

I started coding in 2010 with HTML when I attempted creating a free downloads website flyingurus.tk, now defunct. The journey so far has been interesting and I would definitely pick this career choice again if I could go back in time
I started my first company and career officially in 2014, Zhaptek Enterprise, a web development agency and have been a professional programmer since then.
Notable projects I have worked on include an anti-virus, an offline first with realtime synchronization POS app, a pharmacy distribution chain enterprise app, a remote request aggregation tool for agriculture to name a few.

I have a passion for simplifying and automating processes in a smart manner with tech.

Currently, my primary tech stack is MEV(R)N (Mongo/ MySQL, Express, Vue/ React, Node), Ionic and Python, Flask but I am always curious and love to learn something new every day.

You should choose me because I am value and result-driven

We offer our services purely online and remote. We work using Paypal Buyer protection.

Less contact and even more facilities to promote working remotely


We work closely with our clients to actualize their dreams. We design, develop and ship responsive web applications and websites that work seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

With users spending 90% of their time in apps compared to the mobile Web, we strive to create unique experiences for our users by developing mobile apps for the android and ios platforms.