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Hello, my name is Shari.

I believe coaching has the power to change your life if you're ready to take the first step.

Coaching is designed to help you to unlock your inner potential. To find your answers to achieving your dreams and break down the barriers holding you back.

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7 September 2020

It's great to have someone who makes you truly reflect, identify your blockers and then works with you to create a plan to move forwards.

7 September 2020

This year I asked myself the question ‘what direction am I going in and do I have a purpose?’ I turned to Shari for help to separate out the cotton wool in my head and assist me to have a vision. The tools she uses makes you stop and examine yourself deeper than you are willing to do yourself. By the third session, I had a clearer picture and a foundation to work from. Shari has helped me find my direction and establish my purpose going forward.​ More...


Being a coach is not a job. It is not a role you rock up to every day. It is a choice you make. You need passion, curiosity and integrity to truly help clients.

Coaching is a privilege of sharing a journey of discovery with my clients. My role is to take you further than you would normally go and this requires openness, trust and respect.

Each client and every session demands 100% of my attention. I don’t just listen, I will hear what you say and what you are not saying.

I am not a passive listener who will agree with you and sympathise. I will challenge your thinking and your opinions. I will push you out of your every-day.

If you want to achieve your goals you need someone to believe in you and encourage you forwards. You will need to dig deep within yourself for your answers and your solutions.

Coaching is not a job it’s the genuine satisfaction in seeing my clients change their lives and achieve their dreams.

My experience over the years as a digital marketer spanned a range of industries from software to financial, at both national and global levels. I have worked as the only digital person in a company to having my own team.

As a result of my time working with stakeholders from varying levels I fully understand the pressures of an always on role. As well as the difficulties in balancing work / life as a result.

I would probably still be in that world if I hadn’t been made redundant suddenly and unexpectedly.

In my last role I created and managed a new global digital team and it was then that I discovered coaching for myself. I was offered the chance to receive coaching and it opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.

I have always had a passion for learning and people which sparked my interest in NLP. As perceptions and communications fascinated me I decided to take a night course to learn how to be a better communicator at work.

I implemented much of what I learnt from those coaching and NLP sessions with my team, helping them to further develop their skills.

Over time I found myself moving from a pure manager to a mentor and coach role. As I did I discovered how much positive energy it gave me to watch my team grow and succeed.

As I continued to take on night courses and read I also learned more about myself. So when I was made redundant things actually started to fall into place.

I knew deep down that I wanted to change my life and had not yet been sure how. When I thought about what gave me positivity and energy my thoughts went back to coaching and self improvement.

This led me to want to coach professionally and help others change their mindset to achieve their dreams.

Within a month of receiving the redundancy news I was working on my certification. Within 4 months I had launched my business and started to coach professionally.

My new role is one that gives me meaning and brings me joy. I love to see people change their lives and now help others achieve their goals.

Life is always full of surprises and unexpected turns, depending on how you embrace change it can be a time of exciting possibilities.

I believe you already have the answers to your challenges. You now need a guide to help you uncover them. I am not here to provide you with answers to your own life. I am here to change your perceptions and mindset.

When I coach I offer you an open, direct and down to earth approach. I will ask you questions that will make you challenge your beliefs. My role is to dig deep and uncover the real blockers holding you back.

Throughout our journey I will support you, encourage you and challenge you. Simply listening is not enough for you to make lasting changes.

I understand that no two people are the same and I don’t believe in a one size fits all. Instead I will work with you on a personal 1-2-1 level and tailor the service to your needs.

We are all individuals with our own perceptions, ideas and emotions which need to be respected.

So, as your coach I will always come to each session and give you 100% of my focus. I will bring a genuine curiosity to explore with you and a desire to challenge your current mindset.

I ask that you commit to the sessions 100%, are open, direct and honest. I ask that you only ask for coaching if you are completely ready to make long-term changes in your life.

Everything you say in our sessions is in strict confidence and you will lead the way on what to focus on. I will be there to ensure you take time on your journey to reflect and take new paths confidently.


Are you settling in your life rather than going after your dreams?

Do you feel stuck and frustrated with your life?

Take the decision to change your life and go after your dreams.

Life coaching gives you with a valuable space in which to evaluate where you are. Define clearly where you want to be and develop the tools to live the life you truly want.

Are you a new manager and want to learn to lead your team?

Do you want to progress on your career ladder?

Are you looking to take the leap into a new career?

Discover what’s holding you back and how to unlock your true potential.

Career coaching will enable you to clarify your direction and tackle inner doubts. Providing you with ways to succeed in your career goals.

Do you feel held back by your self beliefs?

Would you like to be more confident and decisive?

Do you want to connect with your inner drive?

Find your true self and take the first steps to achieving your goals.

Personal growth coaching focuses on where you want to be. What is your ideal version of you and how can we get you there?

Do you need to improve your daily wellbeing?

Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of work/life?

Do you want to positively manage stress?

Have the courage to prioritise yourself and learn to balance your approach.

Wellness coaching is designed to help you prioritise your mental and physical self. Develop habits to positively impact your life and support your wellbeing.