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I help people with anxiety, which could present as insomnia, phobias, panic attacks or even physical symptoms such as IBS or migraines. I help them to rediscover who they are, to stop waking up worrying at night and ultimately live a better life!


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I absolutely love seeing the difference in my clients after just a few sessions. I thrive on genuinely being able to change people's lives - it's amazing!

I have always wanted to help people and have always done it voluntarily before for charities. I thought it would be a natural step to do something I love for work. So after being made redundant, it seemed like the right time.

I am an empathetic listener, with passion for creating changes. Unlike many hypnotherapy practitioners, I will not delve in to your past. We don't even have to talk about your 'problem.' We look at the future you want to create and work together towards achieving that.