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Vitalitas Health & Wellbeing coaching solves the common problems we all face at one time or another: this might be stress, relationship issues, dealing with a chronic medical condition or coping with cancer, female health issues like unexplained infertility or menopause.

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Every person is different and every client presents a fresh issue to solve in helping them achieve their goal, no chance of getting stale.
The coaching process is transformative and good quality information is empowering so everyone can benefit for the long term. Most of all I enjoy finding out what will make a real difference to someone's life and helping them achieve that.

I wanted to help others solve their problems and starting my own coaching business allowed me to create customised solutions for each individual client.

What I do works, I have years of practical experience and treat every client as a new problem. No one gets an off the shelf solution.


Either for Cancer, Chronic Illness, not letting age beat you or keeping fit on a day to day basis. Vitalitas can help you create a custom solution to overcome your obstacles.

If you’re either in a relationship or if you’re not, Vitalitas can help you create your custom solution. Whether it is to help improve life at home with your partner or how to interact with your colleagues at work, Vitalitas is here to help.

Vitalitas offers a one of a kind service for those who are on the “senior” side. Vitalitas keeps you out of the care home and removes the stigma of the stereotypical OAP. We are here to help you create your custom solution so you can prove age is just a number.