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Under the Wing offers a one to one email consultation service for those who require support with challenging circumstances including (but not limited to) depression & anxiety, bereavement and even spiritual ascension.

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It is highly rewarding to make very real impact on the wellbeing of individuals experiencing stuggle on a daily basis.

The world is full of people suffering in silence, they may not want to burden their families with their issues... However, it is not healthy to go through life carrying this weight around with you.

At Under the Wing, we are the ‘outsider’, it is much easier unloading troubles onto someone you do not know- you can’t hurt them!

Having experienced loss and trauma at a young age, I felt isolated, suicidal and unable to cope. I found myself again through spirituality and with the support of other people facing similar circumstances I had met on an online chatroom.

I realised that strangers were significantly easier to talk to than my own family and medical professionals who I felt didn’t have the life experience to understand where I was coming from.

After bouncing back stronger than ever, I was determined to provide a service to people struggling through life, offering an annonymous alternative to those who have no one to turn to.

Now as a prospective medical student, I am dedicating my life to helping others and enjoying providing support and guidance to those who need it.

Having ‘been there, done that and got the T-Shirt’ (so to speak!) I feel that I have valuable knowledge, the enthusiasm and dedication to help others find theirselves again.