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Hello I am a professional sportsperson, also in the profession of sport science, personal training and personal development, (spiritual enhancement, managing stress and daily motivation)

I am a business owner and also know what it takes to start a business, maintenance of a business and dealing with ups and downs of a daily business!

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2 January 2022

We did our first personal training session today! Lasted around 35 and it was perfect, I have done summer boot camps with Ryan before I'm just glad he can showcase his talents now for everybody to benefit from I highly recommend working with Ryan he knows his stuff

Nutrition eating plan has been put in place with calorie counting in accordance with energy in put and output

Sticking to my regime as I have he not just as my pt and also my life coach great to see what the future holds

2 January 2022

Hello Beverly here , thank you for the link to review session, I came across Ryan at the local supermarket, just out of surprise he heard me talking about needing to be positive for the new year and sticking to my resolutions, he kindly came over and softly introduced himself as a life coach and personal trainer and gave me his business card, yesterday was a good day to start our first session which lasted 45 mins and I must say I am booking again as this has been a breath of fresh air to me to have somebody listen and put in a plan to stay on track! I Carnot wait to see where this will take me thanks again ! More...


being healthy is not just physically but in every aspect, this would be food intake, physical fitness and also preparing mentally

diet contributes as an important factor in health and wellness

myself and together will put a action plan in place to work towards to, we wont overwhelm anybody but put steady stepping stones that can be achieved physically and mentally, week by week and moth by month

is to stay discipline, to prepare for failure and making adjustments to turn negatives to positives along the way. step by step processes and continuation of aiming for a better you

life coaching has been a natural step for me to acquire as it illustrates my way of living, from being a coach, role model and business owner putting mini goals in place has also been my forte in order to achieve a wider goal protectively.

collecting so much wisdom and knowledge in my journey so far has made me comfortable in helping others as everybody is in a different situation in their lives, tp be able to give back and see results is nothing more exciting to see in helping others

Being such a busy person working in exchange of lengthy time has also been a implication to myself, so this was my own barrier I had to overcome, I read so many books on business owners, dos and don'ts and being a successful business enthusiast.

not knowing by this I was creating a natural way of self development in which I realized I built my own confidence in teamwork, people skills, customer service and business start ups.

I appeal to every and most clients that are looking for a ideal life coach there so much to me that I have to offer and cannot wait! gaining experience is one but seeing results in myself and others is nothing more exciting to witness

I provide a online service also remotely within radius of living area

follow all rules nd restrictions in oreder to keep myself safe and others at all times


Personal development, self esteem, step by step goals, visualisation, confidence self esteem and managing stress

Understanding what it take to start a business, networking, building client rapport, management of business, outsourcing, skills needed, customer service, developing a business mindset and social media strategy advertising,

Being healthy, changing mindset, positive habits, physical habits, exercise, weight management and building confidence.

Changing mindset, exploring meditation, positive thinking, Affirmations, creating a positive future.

how and why to manage stress, health factors of not managing stress, becoming stress free, what is important to what is not, what makes you feel this way, dealing with anxiety, low self esteem, worries, overcoming emotional barriers.

understanding the importance of nutrition in accordance with health and wellbeing, weight management, daily fitness and goal setting

Personal training online sessions, group and one to one