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I provide 1 to 1 counseling and coaching, relationship coaching and group coaching. My method is called Transformation coaching. I help with any form of decision making and problem solving very effectively, using my 7 year experience and knowledge in the field.


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2 June 2020

It's a really good opportunity for all of us...You did a great job👍
I recommended it for all youngsters❤️

Thank you Samreen. I am happy that you benefited from our session. Wishing all the best to you.

30 May 2020

That was amazing experience, got many things which is really hard to recognize. It help alot i recommend for everyone who wish to improve their life 😊 ✌️

That's a great review Nouman. It's a pleasure working with you, always. Love FK

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I love the nature of continual long term rapport with my clients. The breadth of Aha! moments clients get and their enthusiasm to work with me repeatedly. The intimate process of individual coaching gives me the state of flow that precedes my profound sense of fulfillment.

I wanted to be specific and selective in the kind of clients i work with and to reach as many of those clients as i possibly could.

Almost all of my clients keep the coaching process continuous with me because i work from a place of intrinsic motivation, heightened empathy and a real passion of work. They love my method and the places i take them within their own minds.



Your first free coaching session can be booked on my website
visit: www.ferozkhan.co.uk


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