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Diabetes is a serious long-term condition that occurs when the body cannot produce any insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. The main categories of diabetes are type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes mellitus.

Total Body Fix understands that as diabetics we all have different needs and have different capabilities.

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16 April 2021

Under the supervision, support and understanding of Vincent, he encouraged me to gradually train to lose weight, he helped me with meal plans and in 3 months I lost 15kgs. As a diabetic, this lead to no more oral medication (simvastatin, metformin etc) and now I am taking much lower doses of insulin injections. My blood sugar levels are much lower and controllable. The only person who can make this lifestyle change is you!!! More...

11 August 2020

Vincent has a really good way of getting the information about yourself and where you are in your life’s journey. When you contact him you know that you need real help with controlling diabetes. I piled on the weight disregarding any problems that the condition can cause if left uncontrolled. When I started with Vincent just over 3 months ago, I was weighing in at a hefty 100.5 kgs and was on 2 types of insulin, metformin, simvastatin, losartan and lansoprazol. I was in the fortunate position of owning a rowing machine, treadmill and a bicycle that was gathering dust. During the lockdown I discovered that there was a large percentage of overweight diabetes sufferers that the Covid pandemic was killing with ease. That concerned me somewhat and I then had the simple realisation that I was in charge of my own survival and couldn’t do this on my own. Vincent gave me the gentle kick up the rear needed to start my mindset change. He encouraged me to make use of my facilities by giving me small challenges every day. He was very confident that I would be able to shed a considerable amount of body weight and I put more and more faith in his advise because he knows a lot about both types of diabetes. He has helped me reduce my blood glucose levels, lose weight, come off of all the oral pills and quartering the intake of my insulin injections (in 3 months)! Ask me that at the beginning of this program and I would have told you where to go! With the change of my food intake, I was taking more of an interest in what goes into the tank. Thanks to Vincent I know what my limits of calories should be which involves the fats, proteins and carbs as well. With lots of exercise, sensible eating, drinking the essential 3 litres of water a day, I have managed to shed 12.5kgs and am now down to 88kgs. I have not finished yet as I want to get down to around 82kgs and Vincent will leave me ideas and a two week program to help me get to this goal (in another couple of months, hopefully). I think what Vincent has encouraged me to do is life prolonging and who would put a price on that? More...

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We don't just work on the body, we work with peoples mindset, motivation and education. Our primary client group is working with diabetics. Therefore a holistic approach is key to get results.

One word... consistency
If you are consistent in your approach you will make progress.

I enjoy working and supporting people. I get great satisfaction seeing people progress and achieve their goals. Knowing that I as well as the team played a role in helping people to lead a healthier life makes it all worthwhile.

I have worked in the care and treatment field for over twenty years. Focusing on issues such as addiction, mental health, and risk-taking behaviour. During this time, I have coached and counselled clients in all sorts of setting. I have developed and produced education packages for the carers as well as other professionals.
However, one area which is very much close to me was those struggling with diabetes. Having been diagnosed over thirty years ago, I was more aware of the lack of support I had in the early days and that to manage the condition yourself you have to become accountable.
I transferred my skills that I have accumulated from the care sector and created Total Body Fix. By taking a client-centred approach and working with our clients to tackle the important issues that matter to them.

There are many fitness and life coaches when choosing a life coach you have to examine which coach fits your needs. As a diabetic myself for over thirty years (type 1) and working with clients for over twenty years, I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, our services are online and remotely. we communicate with our clients through Zoom and WhatsApp as well as e-mail. We aim to communicate support and guide our clients daily depending on the service.

Due to the services being provided remotely there is no risk


As with any journey that one takes, we would require an assessment, this includes a holistic view into your current lifestyle.

We explore all aspects of wellbeing such as the stressors in your life, mental health, motivation, roadblocks, your understanding and education of the condition, any other health-related conditions that affect you.

Our goal through the assessment is to gain a clear and precise insight into your current life, your habits, and external factors that may be influencing your health and wellbeing.

We will then work with you for a further five days to help you build a strong foundation going forward.

The Total Body Fix Transformation Programme gives you access to virtual coaching for three months. We can set your personal goals with you and help you to stay motivated and on track through our app. Within the app, you can get tailored content, advice, and encouragement as you work towards your chosen health goals, such as:

Nutrition for fitness and healthy living. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst living with diabetes. Exercise and nutrition for any weight loss. Cutting back on alcohol and/or smoking and much more besides...

Our overall goal would be to reduce your HBa 1c levels and to improve your lifestyle. With our help, support, guidance, and coaching, we are with you throughout your transformation journey.

The Group Coaching Programme consists of weekly live group coaching calls, where group members listen and share their experiences through facilitation.

You will receive group support when achieving your goals and encouragement as well as feedback when things don’t go according to plan.

An online forum where the group can ask questions and network with each other. A series of educational topics get released each month to group members. Access to resources on relevant topics.

Weekly emails with the latest trends and tips regarding diabetes and other related issues. Optional add-on 1:1 time.