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Belfast , Antrim

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I have a team of 4 professional personal coaches offering results focused and enjoyable coaching for individuals and groups!
This includes weight training, nutrition programs, cardio training, training your mind and mobility work, all tailored to the individual.

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By ascertaining their goal then building a coaching system around them that will help him achieve that goal, including mindset, training, nutrition and other factors.

First of all you will need the correct mindset and goal, an effective and progressive training regimen and a suitable nutritional program in place.
After that, the 'secret' is you having the discipline to stick to it!
If you really want it, you'll follow th behaviour and if you follow and stick to the behaviour you will get the results you want.

We love seeing people evolve physically and mentally. Having achieved so much in our own training lives, we want to help others do the same!

I am an internationally competitive sportsperson and always wanted to help ours achieve their own personal greatness. Our other male trainer is also a world champion in sport and our female trainer was a nationally ranked and Olympic prospect in gymnastics.
We all share a common passion for what we do that is not satisfied by our own achievements, we want to bring it forward and serve others to success too!

We have over 50 years of combined experience and as a result, can effectively solve any health and fitness related problem and achieve any goal for any individual. We have also developed a broad range of associates and resources outside of our own teams that we can refer to at any point, so we really can help you effectively achieve any goal you choose!