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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


In a nutshell I move people away from pain and towards pleasure. Coming from a corporate background working in corporate behaviour change for many years as a Conference / Video Communications Producer and a Corporate Trainer, I re-trained as an NLP Business and Life Coach in 2015.


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4 June 2020

During my recent coaching session with Nik I was able to clearly articulate what I truly wanted from the next stage of my career. The method and approaches applied during the session enabled me to organise what I want from my work, what’s important to me and what my core values are. I came away from the session with a well-defined plan of action. More...

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Having a career that helps others. Having recently done a "strengths audit" on the Marcus Buckingham website it came as no surprise that my categorisation was as a "Teacher" and "Provider". That's pretty much why I went into coaching in the first place. How this manifests itself is in how I use my training and skillset to bring the "inner ninja" out of a client. That's the metaphor which I use to drive the brand behind my services. We all have an inner ninja inside us waiting to get out. The reason why I chose a ninja is because it represents the unconscious mind. Only when you work at an unconscious level does true behaviour change happen. Like a ninja, the unconscious works away in the background in a stealth-like manner. The skill lies in how to re-wire the unconscious and that is where coaching kicks in.

I've always been an entrepreneur. I love change. I love the challenge of doing my own thing because it means I can help clients how I want to help them without the red tape of working for a large company. And that means I can listen to the client and what they want rather than following a process dictated by working for a large company.

I'm very much in touch with my values and I hope they speak volumes as to the person I am. So rather than trying to convince a potential client through clever marketing jargon, perhaps I could keep it simple. My top 5 are: Family, Honesty, Respect for Others, Having a Growth Mindset and Helping Others to Develop. I'd love to think that this may resonate with people who may be looking at my profile.