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I am a massage therapist, medical hypnotist and nutritional therapy consultant, and I offer:
- Stress and Anxiety Relief
- Holistic Pain Relief
- Weight loss

- Cannabis Oil Full Body Massage
- Deep-Tissues Massages
- Hypnotherapy
- Nutritionist Services
- Life Coaching

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5 customer reviews

30 September 2018

amazing massage

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5 August 2018

Herve is brilliant. Had great massages. He is extremely knowledgable. Takes a lot of pride in his work. Can't recommend highly enough.

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5 August 2018

Have had a couple of full body massages with Herve and can highly recommend. Truly relaxing and very proffessional.

Reviewed on Facebook

5 August 2018

Extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled therapist. Professionally trained and knows what he is doing. Herve as a therapist listens to what his client like and focuses on.

Reviewed on Facebook

31 May 2018

Extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled therapist. Professionally trained and knows what he is doing. Herve as a therapist listens to what his client like and focuses on.

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Diet is the first and most important input to your body. It impact your overall performances, how you feel and who you are.
By changing your diet, you will be able to influence your health in a dramatic way. Some have been able to strongly reduce chronic disease with dietary change.

I am here to tell you, there is no magic smoothie potion, no silver bullet, no miracle diet.
Why? Because YOU ARE SPECIAL. You are as unique from the inside as you are from the outside. And what may have worked for somebody else may not be the right solution for you.


Most of the parameters related to weight gain and weight loss are outside of your consciousness and therefore outside of your willpower. You do not suddenly decide to be hungry, you can’t change how much calories you spend heating up your body, you are not even necessarily aware of how much you fidget and move during the day, and so on.

And in many cases, weight gain is not solely related to calories and how much you are eating. Food choices are of primary importance here. For some people, stress will be the determinant factor, for others, it will be messed-up hormones, or a distressed intestinal system. Some find relief after changing their sleep patterns, while others still have to look into the past before improving the present. And even if calories were an issue, eating, like most other human behaviours, is in great part unconscious.

I love to see my clients making massive improvements and getting better.

I have always wanted to help. Over the years, I have volunteered my help to the street children of Manila, in the hospital wards of the UK and France. I have been deeply involved in sustainability and regenerative agriculture issues.

But my passion has always been health. I have spent hundreds of hours researching nutrition, complementary therapies, lifestyle, psychology and mind-body interaction.

After seeing members of my family pass away from disease, I decided to change career and start my own therapy practice.

- Your healing is my priority
- I will always place your safety and well-being first
- Any information regarding yourself will be strictly confidential
- I will at all time respect your religious, spiritual, political and social views
- All of my clients are treated with dignity, irrespective of their race, colour, creed, sexual orientation or gender
- I will never offer false promises
- Our relationship will always be kept appropriate and professional
- I will always refer you to a Registered Medical Practitioner should the need for a diagnostic arise
- I will always explain fully either in writing or verbally all the procedures involved in the treatment, and only proceed if you are comfortable with it

All the therapies I practice have been backed by academic research, and, to the best of my understanding, are coherent with our wider body of scientific knowledge.