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Hi and welcome to the Grief Recovery Hub,

Are You suffering from a broken heart?Did death, divorce, or the end of romantic relationship caused it or it was caused by any of the forty other losses a person might experience such as as moving, pet loss or change of finance?

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I love to see people find healing from their loss/ losses and be able to move forward to lead a happier life.

I was inspired to help people who are grieving after the lost of my mum and dad .I felt devastated by the death of my parents and i did a research which led me to a Gief Recovery Specialist who guided me through the grief recovery action plan which has helped me to find healing for my heart which was broken.The griev recovery action plan also helped me to complete othe unresolved grief in my life.From there i develop the passion to help others to let go of the pain caused by grief so that they too can move forward with their lifes.

I am a certified grief recovery method and i used an evidence gruef recovery method which has been used by many grievers in the U.K and internationally.The grief recovery method supporr programes has been developed and refined over 30 years.Here i teach you how to recover from your loss with supportive One to one or group guidance each step of the way.