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Freedom Inspired Movement focuses on health and wellness, changing mindsets to encourage healthier and more fulfilling lives. Using my personal experience, I inspire those who are facing similar challenges that I once did to achieve their goals and make the changes necessary to love life and themselves.



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Helping others to become healthier, happier, fitter, and appreciative of everything life has to offer.

One of the most formative experiences of my life happened in 2002. Following a motorbike accident - during which, I’ll admit, I was going far too fast - I broke my leg in several places, crushed my lungs, and accumulated plenty of other less than ideal injuries. As a result, I spent months in constant pain, discomfort, and suffering from crippling feelings of loneliness, isolation, and embarrassment.

It’d be easy to assume this was my turning point, but spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Only in retrospect do I see how the pain and being forced to slow down gradually changed me for the better, helping me to find motivation and a greater appreciation for life. Now fast forward to 2018 and that’s when the real challenge began.

Around my 43rd birthday, I decided I needed to make myself a priority. I wanted to find three new hobbies: one to bring me joy (taking photos of nature), one to keep me fit (joining a gym), and finally, one to make me money. And then, in typical law of attraction style, Primal Health came into my life. I began to hold myself accountable, making a commitment to regular, small, consistent steps in improving my health, diet, and mindset.

And here I am now, a success story, ready to change your life for the better and help you along the very same journey that’s made me the man I am today.

I am awesome, full of life and have committed to make a postive impact with all those I come into contact with.


This is a one to one service designed to identify your current position, decide on a goal/s and create a plan of action to achieve.

You will receive support, accountability, education, exercise ideas, recipe ideas, stress management, and ideas to inject more fun into your daily life.