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Are you committed to living your best life?

♥ I offer a coaching program to help people reach their full potential and live an empowered and balanced life. ♥

Any goal is reachable with the the right plan, guidance and support in place.

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8 May 2021

You make an absolute great coach. Because your a very good listener and really good at responding to what people say with your own experiences. You definitely create a sense of safety. I always feel safe when I'm around you and safe to share. And that's a really special quality that you've got. As well as, your being attentive in a way that makes it sound like you thought already of what they are going to say because your answers are always so well reasoned. So, I think anyone who has you as a coach will be very lucky. More...

25 April 2021

Sven has always been a source of inspiration to those around him. constantly questioning his environment and path through life but at the same time being present in the moment and understanding things that cannot be changed. He is really one of a kind.

11 April 2021

Sven is one of the most kind,caring,empathetic and wise people I have had the pleasure to meet in my life. His broad life experiences give definite depth to the people he works with down to earth practical advice and practices and he always has a distinct passion for healing and growth. He is one of the people I trust the most to hear me when I am going through something and looking for a different perspective and point of view, and truly a person that I am fortunate enough to call a brother and a best friend. More...


That genuine smile when my client discovers a deeper part of themselves. A knowing that I leave a positive lasting touch on the lives that i connect with. I love guiding people to that what excites and brings them the greatest joy in life. To be of service.

I've always been fascinated by my own and others peoples personal explorations to know ourselves deeper.
In a way, I have always been helping people return to their own spiritual nature, just by being myself. Doing this professionally makes sense.
In its essence, this is a great joy for me to see you living aligned to your own deeper truth.

As a client, you are in control of the direction that your development takes. I help you clarify your goals, create a viable action plan and ask you all those questions that will help you discover more of who you are.
As a Councillor, my focus is to see you grow in the direction that you choose while making sure that you have the right tools at your disposal, while providing you genuine support and insight along your path.

Absolutely. Depending on your needs, our sessions are held once a week or once every two weeks. In between sessions, I support you in whatever way is required by you; either through brief phone or video calls, check ins, etc.

Personal face to face sessions are only by request and then social distancing measures are in place.
However, it is recommended to hold these sessions online, not only for your safety. But also because this allows you to be in your own personal space which is recommend, as spiritual counselling sessions can be quite healing.


Weekly or once every 2 week sessions that last between 1 to 2 hours. This depends on the need of the client.
The weeks in between sessions are goal orientated. Anything from inner transformation, to outer activity and even research. The weeks in between are meant to empower the you.
I also offer support in between sessions. This support is differs to each client and will be discussed during sessions.
Each session we look at your progress. Each session you specify what is most important for you to go into.
Here we can go into anything with an open heart. Here you are held, no matter how challenging it may seem. This, above all, is a safe space to express yourself.
With love
Sven Selle