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I have been a life coach and coach in businesses for 17 years. I have a lot of experience in helping people with Career transitions, both in their current line of work, and also having the courage to step into something that they would love to do !

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17 July 2019

Have recently finished a 7 month coaching period with Steve and would highly recommend !

I originally wanted coaching to boost self confidence for a new job I was starting and wanted to do my best, however as things go, lots of different roads led to the lack of confidence I had, and we explored reasoning and thought strategies to help me understand how to overcome any hurdles.

Finally, in my last session I felt I couldn't wait to show off to Steve since I had used all the techniques he taught me and was creating the life for myself that I never thought I could !! 😎 Highly recommended !


I really enjoy when the person feels comfortable and starts to express themselves, and see the hope and them light up when they start to realise that there is a better way and that things will get better....

I worked with my own coach, being on the receiving end, in 2001/2 and really enjoyed the two way dialogue and engagement. I suddenly realised that as a people person, I would get great satisfaction from helping people transform situations in their own lives and decided to go for it and set up my own business...

I am very easy going and experienced at helping people to feel at ease. Have done a lot of work with the full range of personality types, so happy to work with anyone, in a non judgemental way. I like the variety and flexibility that comes with different people, so have probably been there before....

Yes. Like most people through 2020, Zoom and other online meeting places are used commonly.

Only meet face to face when allowed and requested. Be sensible.