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I focus on helping people who suffer from Chronic Anxiety, Stress, Past and childhood trauma by using a combination of Counselling, Talk Therapy and EFT (Tapping, Energy Healing)

If you suffer from Anxiety, Stress or Depression, to the point where it is affecting the quality of your life, then EFT or Tapping, as it is commonly known, has proven to get results when other methods haven't.

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The difference I can help my clients achieve with their physical as well as their emotional state of being, often within the first session.

I have always been self employed, and when I was working as a personal trainer, I realised that people put a lot of effort into their workouts, but didn't always see the results and that was because they were not addressing the Cause of their issue. I realised that I wanted to go deeper and help them get long lasting results and for that I needed to change how I approached their problems and being a Personal Trainer wasn't enough. So I trained in counselling , then hypnotherapy and then EFT which I now focus on as my clients get better and long lasting results with EFT.

Because EFT has proven time and again to get results when other methods have failed. So if you have tried other forms of therapy for physical or emotional issues that you have had for short or long periods of time, then suspend your beliefs about Alternative therapy and try EFT.
It works on your energy field and therefore it is non-invasive and you can do it for yourself at home on smaller issues that arise.

I do most of my work online as that way I can record the session and the client can then get a copy so that they can go through everything we discussed as many times as they want to. Also tapping with them on the call means that they can tap along with the recording so they become confident in knowing how to tap and what to say if they have another anxiety attack.
I also do face to face sessions, but there is no recording and there is often a delay in being able to meet with the client if all the therapy rooms are booked.
Working online has proven to get the same if not better results, because the person feels more relaxed in their own surroundings and they receive the recording of every session so they are reminded of everything covered in the session

Working online is as safe as it's possible to be when working with my client.


We all have anxiety, it's part of our warning system that keeps us safe.
But when your anxiety makes you feel naseous, break out in a sweat, constantly feel in fear, affects your social life, makes you feel depressed, affects your confidence and self esteem, then it's time to get it back under control>
Using a combination of tools/methods, I help you find the cause of your anxiety and release the negative emotions that are attached to that memory, which then stops your anxiety constantly being triggered by other similar situations, and also stops you constantly thinking negative thoughts associated with that memory.

If you have experienced childhood trauma, either physical or verbal, leaving it unresolved can ultimately affect your health. But because the trauma often happend years ago, it is not linked to health conditions you may be experiencing now.
When you make peace with your past trauma, it allows you to start healing emotionally and in some cases physically too. I help you to achieve this solution using a combination of methods and tools that have proven to give long term results and often cured a person of long term emotional or physical symptoms.