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My coaching experience and qualifications are backed up by 2 decades in high pressure corporate environments.

Having historically suffered poor mental health as a result of finding myself in ill-fitting roles & environments, I am passionate about the value of coaching, and the potential it has to create powerful interventions that can entirely adjust the trajectory that people find themselves in.

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18 December 2020

Paul was great. He is incredibly easy to talk to, holds space and gives you the freedom to really focus on what is important. His insightful questions and challenge over how I was thinking helped me to unpack and explore the barriers I was facing. More...


I see coaching as my calling - when, through questioning and reflection, a client has that light bulb moment, a spark or clarity.
During these moments I have gained so much power from as a coachee myself - my goal is to provide coaching can motivate and empower others in a similar way to move forwards in their lives.

After 2 decades in high paced corporate environment, I believe I had gained the skills necessary to run a business. Being able to steer my own ship with a business I am passionate about is the ultimate goal.

We are all always learning, and as coaches we are always learning, what better way to learn and grow than to build your own business.

There are two sides to my coaching. Firstly I am a qualified coach with the biggest coaching academy in the UK, and I grow by continuing to study coaching and skills I can use within my coaching (including NLP). On the other hand I have been a senior manager within blue chip corporates for 2 decades and 3 organisations. I understand the realities of working in high paced, challenging environments which ensures I can empathise and relate to your personal challenges.

Having been coached myself for a long period of time, I know what it is like to be on the clients side. Ensuring I bring those learnings to the table, supporting the client through the journey.

My former clients pick out the qualities of Calm, Fun, Curious, Challenging & Sensitive when relating to their experiences of my coaching, if these are traits you would thrive with, I am your coach.
Please review my website www.sonarcoaching.com for testimonials which say it better than I.

For the past year I have provided online coaching, usually via ZOOM (free software). I have also conducted phone coaching if online is not possible.

My goal is to eliminate barriers for those reaching out for coaching - we will make the sessions work in the best way we can.

My clients are priority 1, therefore throughout Covid-19 Pandemic I will be running online coaching.


I will work with you to design an inspiring future. My role is to help you get unstuck, build a clear and well-founded vision of the life and work you want, and create a plan to bring it to life.

It’s not unusual to face challenges on the journey to achieving your dreams. However, through guided conversation with me, you will begin to challenge your limiting beliefs and self-talk. I will encourage you to move towards successful resolutions and opportunities to move in the direction of your new future.

Life and career transitions can often be challenging. However they can be a powerful opportunity for re-evaluation and positive growth. Together we will create well defined outcomes that take you towards achieving your personal, professional or business goals.

Key areas of benefit from our coaching sessions would be:

- Improved personal effectiveness
- Increased knowledge of self/self-awareness
- Enhancing performance at work
- Finding work-life balance

I will work in trusted and confidential partnership with you, working towards unlocking your full potential and maximising your personal and business performance. As appropriate, I will also bring further insights based on their own extensive career experiences.

As part of this ‘peer-to-peer’ relationship, I will guide you with powerful and insightful questions, and call upon observations and reflections, in an environment that is confidential and conducive to exploring what is important to you and necessary for your development. I will explore new perspectives and alternative options with you, challenge your thinking and support your decision making. The coaching process, focuses on providing a safe environment in which you can explore ideas and strategies, developing rather than teaching, using an ‘ask-not-tell’ approach that continually maintains a focus on your agenda and what is most important to you.

You will find my Coaching programme thought provoking, challenging and creative. It will inspire and motivate you, and provide you with the tools to help fulfil your personal and professional potential.

Team Coaching is for forward thinking organizations looking to develop highly effective teams that deliver value to all its stakeholders. High performance teams add tremendous value to organisations. Nurturing and developing them maximises the effectiveness and flexibility of individuals and the organisation.

A well-motivated, focussed and committed team is central to the development of any organisation. Without this, the aspirations of the organisation can get lost with everyone pulling in different directions, not knowing how they fit into the overall business landscape. Excellent communication and a shared goal will bring the motivation to work hard to support each other and the business. A solid team will take your business forwards with everyone moving in the same direction.

The team coaching process helps teams align around a common purpose, establish inspiring spirit and vision, define clear roles, commit to team accountability, make powerful choices and take affirmative action.

I will help you better understand the characteristics of high performing teams and transition your team to become one of them.