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I’ve been trained on full body Thai massage . Learned deep tissue massage. Providing chair massage,aromatherapy,electric massages and Swedish massages

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Beginner ,I have done it for few weeks for my family and friends. They confess I’m great at making them feel good and taking their pain away . I bring peace and harmony into people’s life for a while now because I know this is my purpose on earth . I strive to make anyone a better and kinder human . Health is extremely important . I’m here to heal your mental ,emotional and physical pain . I love to learn more and more just to make your days or life easier to handle. I learn everything and everyday especially health &spirituality wise , harmony and peace is all that matters for me .

Yes I provide electric massage chair and electric back,shoulder and arm massager , I like to use specific oils for the right issues of human body and like to make it relaxing and peaceful of a peace and happiness feel

Spirituality,aromatherapy,peace of mind ,relaxation , guidance and support provided for people in need

God, God inspired me to be better and to do better . To look after this humanity and their health . I am here to guide humans on the right path and to make everyone kind and stable in every possible way . I enjoy helping people become a better person mentally physically and emotionally . You are more than welcome to my world . I’m always here for u guys . I think I’m the kindest soul u could possible meet ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I’m supportive ,gentle ,helpful and look up to God . I love people and like to take care of their health . I like to bring peace and harmony into humanity. I’m kind and spiritual person.


Music is one of the healers . I love making people relaxed and welcome to my peaceful atmosphere. I want to heal people with my touch and kind words and I believe I have this capability. Human health is so important to me and I always wish for everyone to be healthy and stable emotionally to never go trough the emotional and physical pain again . I pray for people to be better humans ,kinder ,wiser and healthier . I make people feel good in every way possible because I know we all need a beautiful healer soul to be there for us ,to support and guide us in this life .

This session can be 1 or 2 hours long.
£50-hour -just a full body Thai massage ,using oils you prefer and playing music you enjoy to listen while relaxing , candles
£100-2 hours full body Thai massage , aromatherapy, electric chair massage, a glass of wine to relax fully or green tea which helps you to have a peace of mind