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Reading, Berkshire

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Significant Me offers Life & Career/Business Strategy Coaching & Personal Mentoring.

It's all about YOU! The concept is a simple one. Your Own Universe. You, your health, wealth and happiness, all perfectly aligned.
It all starts with you.

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It sounds cliche, but I love helping people achieve and succeed. I have a 100% success rate but that's not just down to me it's equally down to the hard work my clients are willing fo put in.

I realised that coaching was for me when I joined a group coaching session many years ago. I was in limbo, disillusioned about my chosen career path, and I wanted desperately to make a difference, to make a change. I knew it was a big ask and I was scared. I had used elements of coaching working with others within different roles but that one weekend led me to make the switch. I was thrown almost completely out of my comfort zone. I've worked in corporate and public sector industries, run my own business and currently do some consultancy work. My existing clients are equally diverse. Artists, lecturers, middle and senior managers, single mum's and dad's. That's just how powerful and far reaching coaching can be. One weekend of coaching quite literally changed my life. Whether its Life, career or business strategy coaching my holistic approach will propell you forward whilst ensuring balance across all areas of your life. Coaching has taught me how to use what I have and build on it, whilst also giving me clarity and a real purpose. I just love that I'm able to share that with people.

I am a compassionate person by nature, however I don't suffer fools lightly. I have a firm but fair approach to coaching and I will challenge you to deliver your best every time. That said I recognise that not everyone is ready to work with me and will always be honest in letting perspective clients know if they are not and why not. I expect 100% commitment to our coaching relationship.


Is Life/Career/Business Strategy Coaching the same as counselling?
No, Although both encourage changes in behaviour, Life/Career/Business Strategy Coaching is a motivational partnership.

What is Life/Career/Business Strategy Coaching?
Life/Career/Business Strategy Coaching is a personal, practical and strategic service that allows you to identify and implement success strategies which promote goal setting and planning in order for you to achieve exelerated positive outcomes.

What is Mentoring?
Significant-Me Mentoring service combines the benefit of our shared experiences together with advice and guidance around everyday life choices to enhance your professional and /or personal development.

Do I have to commit?
Yes, in the same way that I commit to providing you with a high quality paid for service, you must commit to putting in the work. You will be required to establish your readiness, sign a contract and make payment for the course, prior to our first session. I guarantee that your achievements will match your level of commitment.

How long will it take for me to get results?
Although you will start making changes and seeing improvements immediately; our minimum service, is delivered over 3 months to give you plenty of opportunity to imbed success habits.

How do I pay?
In accordance with your coaching contract. Payment is made in advance via bank transfer.