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Do you lack free time but want to build a lean, strong, and athletic body?

I can help you achieve these goals.

I am a results-oriented personal trainer that helps busy professionals make substantial health and fitness improvements.

How? I combine high ROI, 1:1 individualised personal training with progressive lifestyle and nutritional improvements that are easy for YOU

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1 February 2021

Before I met Shane I was not happy with how my body looked or felt. After gaining additional weight over lockdown, I decided I wanted to work with a fitness professional. I have tried many diets over the past few years however I always put the weight back on. This left me feeling defeated and hopeless. Shane is no ordinary personal trainer! He has a degree in this area making him super knowledgeable. Shane helped me to stop obsessing over my body weight and instead focus on making easy, sustainable lifestyle improvements. After a few weeks of training with Shane, I could visibly see significant progress in the mirror. Shockingly, for the first time, I have had great results without doing a miserable diet. Now I am making progress each week whilst knowing I can sustain this lifestyle forever. Good luck with your fitness journey! More...

9 January 2021

Contacting Shane was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was the point my life pivoted from what it was then to what it is now.

A year before finding Shane, I was overweight, demotivated and depressed. I was in a cycle of giving in to all my impulses towards comfort and turning away from any potential discomfort or hardship. This strategy was clearly not working for me and It was evident in most aspects of my life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I had experience with a personal trainer in the past and I thought that that's what a personal trainer was, just someone to help talk you through exercises and give you the odd motivational comment. Shane is so much more than that. He is incredibly professional, highly educated and has worked with world class athletes and you can absolutely see why!

Shane even helped me to get my diet in order by providing me a personalized meal plan which helped me reach my weight goal.

Shane is the kind of guy who goes the extra mile for his clients and I would absolutely recommend Shane to anyone who wants to turn their lives around and start living a healthy and active life once again!

11 November 2020

Shane is very motivational and supportive. He really takes the time to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain a good exercise regime and healthy lifestyle. I have had amazing results!


I combine extremely high "return on investment" (ROI), 1:1 individualised personal training, along with easy nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Stop viewing food or behaviours as good versus bad, or abstaining versus indulging. This leads to an "all-or-nothing" approach which is unsustainable and can be emotionally difficult.

Focus on the process, and the results will take care of themselves.

Progress not perfection.

Seeing how physical transformations can radically improve people's confidence, self-respect, and life in general.

A strong desire to help my target audience: busy working professionals where time is their biggest obstacle to being in-shape.

There are two main reasons I would be chosen over my competitors:

1. There is no risk. I guarantee significant progress in your strength and body every month, or you get 100% of your money back.

2. My background and credentials. I have experience working with elite athletes (Celtic FC).

- BSc (hons) in Physiology and Sports Science (Univeristy of Glasgow)
- MSc (R) in Sports Science (University of Glasgow).

My academic training allows me to offer scientifically proven advice, stay on top of the latest developments in my industry, and not be swept up in the latest diet/training fads.

Because I am results-oriented and look to maximise ROI, I only work with clients I can work with in person and with the appropriate facilities.