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We offer to the customer photography in the way that they would want us to do it.
Covering a range of options from family photography along with pets to events and nature photography. We will endeavour to do what you would like us to do. Send us out on an assignment and we will do our best to fulfil the assignment that you want us to do.

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One of the main secrets to taking great photographs is to be in the right place at the right time and always have your camera available to you.
You may just be going for a walk somewhere and spot something that you didn't expect and if you don't have the camera then you have lost that moment.
Some shots such as sunrises you may have to get up early and travel, I did this once and got some lovely shots of a sunrise but was at the destination at 5am which was a 2 hour drive. I did that 2 days earlier as well but it clouded over so it was a wasted journey.
Anticipate and be ready if somebody poses and ensure that you have the right lens to hand for the moment.

I feel that it is important to find out what the client wants from you as a photographer so this would be one of the first things that was asked along with the length of time they require you for.

I would therefore find out in detail prior to the day as to how they would want the event to go along with any special requirements that we could do for them, how they wanted the photos presenting once the shoot was over.

I love the fact that when you take a photo, you are capturing that moment in time, whether this is a family together, a sunset or a bird up in a tree.
When you click that shutter at that moment, it is recorded and remember that although in the future you may get similar pictures, the light and the angles used will give you a one off for that moment.

My enjoyment of photography and the fact that I like to get out and am always up for a challenge. I feel that I have the ability to take great photos and the fact that I have good knowledge of photography over the years makes me feel that I can do this well.

Good service and good knowledge of photography that I have learnt in the past.
Knowing the equipment that I am using, the cameras and lenses and getting the right shots as required which would be done each and everytime.
My aim is to give the client as good as service as is possible for them when they ask me to.

Covid is something that is very important at the moment and to keep my customers safe at the moment I would prefer to work with them outside but if for one reason or another in that we had to work indoors if the customer would like me to use a mask when taking the photos then I would do but if not I would be no closer than 2 meters from the client at all times.

We are not able at the moment to do large gatherings, this is above 6 people but hopefully over the next few days we will get information that they are able to start opening up so that we are able to get larger groups for family shoots and weddings in the near future even if this is 6 months away. We need positive news to enable us to be able to give customers the service that they deserve.


We are able to offer to you various services which include family shoots, couples, baby and parent shoots to name a few.

We are able to tailor our service to what you require.

We like to work in natural light so outdoors would give us the best opportunity to get great shots for you but we are able to work indoors should you require this from us, we can tailor to your requirements.

Online password protected gallery where you can select photos to print is available, on top we can offer USB/DVD files, prints and albums at extra cost depending on what you require.

We are able to photograph your pets and animals whether this is dogs, cats or other animals such as horses.
You tell us what you require and we will work to get the photos that you would like whether this is indoors or outdoors.

Online gallery as standard with USB/DVD and prints along with albums available as extra costs.

This is something we will look to in the future due to Covid and the time will be when it is safe to do so.

In this service we will discuss with you as to what is required from the shoot.

Do you want a full shoot or part shoot, do you require albums, prints or a mixture of both. We can provide albums for your parents on top of this.

We are able to tailor your day to what is required from the shoot if it was a full day would include bride getting ready, party arrival, ceremony, photo shoot, wedding breakfast, speeches, cake cutting and first dance and throughout the day those special little moments we aim to catch for you.

We are able to come over and shoot your range of product which would be done in a safe way whether this was indoors or outdoors for you.

Getting shots from different angles is important whether this is large or small it is important to show the item from different angle and it does not matter if it is just 1 item or 20 items we will get it from different angles to shot the product off at its best.

Have you a favourite place that you have visited that you would like a photo of. We can create a framed print for you in various sizes.

Do you like close ups of wildlife and nature.

Let us know and we may already have this or ask for a quote and we will arrange a time to go out and do this for you.