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Nutrition Therapy & Health Coaching
To find your balance, optimise your health, boost your energy,
live your best life and fulfil your potential.

- Initial consultation considering your personal goals and your entire health history
- Personalised protocol based on your goals, lifestyle, dietary preferences and goals



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The food you eat forms the building blocks of every cell in your body, not only our bones, muscles, blood cells but also your brain cells, hormones and other chemical messengers you make. So yes, along with the air you breathe and the thoughts you entertain a healthy diet is paramount to health, wellbeing and longevity.

I thrive on seeing my client's lives transform. I get the greatest pleasure from being part of their journey to health, wellness, freedom from pain and vitality. Not only does it improve their quality of life, but it also improves their family, social and professional environment and the lives of all those involved.

My own journey to wellness after a serious illness in my late teens was the starting point. I am inspired by the impact I can make by sharing my knowledge of food and health so that others can discover how to take charge of their own health and rediscover the pleasures of life while also achieving their potential without deprivation.

Because I really care.
Each client will receive a 100% personalised science backed protocol taking into account their lifestyle, personal preferences and goals.