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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Tutoring services tailored to maximise each student's potential. After years of extensive experience teaching children of all ages I believe there is always a way to get through to someone. My one and only mission is to help students become successful.

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11 June 2020

Sayanthan is a great tutor with an amazing drive and passion for teaching. I have worked alongside him in teaching lower ranks at our Karate club. He even managed his own branch with students that went on to climb ranks and win numerous competitions. He always goes above and beyond in order to make sure every student reaches their full potential. His methods are firm but fun ensuring that the students are enjoying their time whilst learning. I will definitely recommend Sayanthan for your tutor needs. More...

11 June 2020

My little one has extreme difficulty settling down to learn for long periods of time, and remaining engaged, but Say really managed to capture his attention, and I saw him actually learning for the first time this lockdown! Say's patience and humour has my child buzzing for his next lesson! More...

10 June 2020

Honestly, I didn't expect my child to do so well so fast. Sayanthan is a great tutor who puts his heart into tutoring. My child loves his lessons, and now the subject he hated the most has become his favourite and his best performing subject. Fair prices, great progress. Highly recommended. More...


Student satisfaction. It really is as simple as that. Helping the upcoming generation to become successful is as satisfying as it could get. The thought you have helped someone else be happy and successful is something I want to live with everyday. Working with students you learn a lot about and from them as they are more advanced than us at their age. This way we are always developing ourselves to become a better individual.

My first set of students was my inspiration and motivation to teach more people. I had one child who was classed as "dumb" and "naughty". All it was is that no one understood that child and respected their opinions. Me as an individual I rather be their friend first then try to teach them anything. This worked out really well and the child started listening to me. I used this as an opportunity to motivate the child and as of right now he is on track to achieve 9 in his GCSE Mathematics and do really well in his subjects overall.

Only one thing I believe I do that will make me stand out compared to other people is I am going to tailor my lessons specific to your child. If they need more enthusiasm in their lessons then there will be. If they will like more homework then there will be. If they would want several methods to answer a question then I will teach them that. I am really flexible and I will do what is best for the child. Not one method is going to work with two children. With my experience and accomplishments I believe I can help your child become successful.


A little bit about myself first. I am an undergraduate student studying Mathematics BSc.

I have achieved:
- A* in Mathematics GCSE
- A in Additional Mathematics FMSQ (Highest grade achievable)
- A* in Mathematics A-Level
- A* in Further Mathematics A-Level.

My experience:
- Private tutor for the last 5 years
- Owned and run a successful Tuition Centre in Liverpool with over 30 students.

- Achieved A* in Further Mathematics which is only achieved by less than 1* of the country
- Current students on track to achieve 8/9 in GCSE Mathematics.

Teaching style:
- Use books to see their syllabus to follow
- Teaching is all entirely myself and not from books
- Regularly set homework and tests to track the students progress
- Regular feedback to parents so they know what they are paying for and what is happening
- No set teaching method as every student is different from another. So as a teacher I will adapt to each student.
- Flexible with parents/students requirements. (No fixed structure. Could work around according to their needs).

My guarantee to you is I will give my best in order to teach everything I can in the most orderly fashion. I would love for the parents to work along with me and cooperate in order for the student to succeed. You will get what you are paying for.

I will be of assistance in order for you to get an offer from a university. I will be able to direct you from the first word till the end of your personal statement. Just to make it clear I will not be writing it for you but I will guide you the whole way. I will also use every bit of your work experience or anything you have in an attractive way towards your chosen degree.

Along with my Mathematics Tuition this is an add-on. Wherever you are based in the country I will gather the relevant specifications for the Mathematics exams needed to pass and will help your child in attending your preferred school.