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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Harley Street Recognised Expert Online Emotional Counselling Practice & an Elite Pro on Bark.com True Freedom is for individuals and Corporate business. Typical Fees: £130-160 per 50 minute session. Significant results and success in ending depression, anxiety, shame (not feeling good enough),resolving relationship issues, counselling staff for anxiety and supporting businesses & staff to reduce absenteism, redundancy, stress through staff shortages as well as grief, PTSD and all forms of trauma - online.

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19 June 2021

I am so proud and happy to be out here sharing this remarkable testimony, awesome and extraordinary, I just can’t believe this now my ex Husband is really back to me on his knees begging me to take him back and he was feeling regretful and sorry for leaving me and for causing me pains after the divorce which occurred 5 Months ago. And this whole miracle happened after i contacted Dr tunde for help, I am the happiest woman today in this whole wide world. It’s a miracle and everlasting pleasure and cheerfulness for me and my family today.. I am so happy now and i don’t know how much to convey my thankfulness and appreciation to Dr tunde, contact Dr tunde if you need urgent help now because its guaranteed that he will help Email:babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail. com or you can reach him on via WhatsApp mobile number +2348143581382 More...

25 January 2021

My first time meeting with a Spell caster and I have to say, it's really worth it. It had been 6months since my husband left me without saying anything. All thanks to Dr Tunde I was able to connect with my husband again with his powerful reunion love spell and now he loves me more than he used to. Eternally grateful with The Great Dr tunde I highly recommend, His contact details babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail.com or on his WhatsApp number +2348143581382 More...

7 May 2020

Sarah is a very kind, patient and understanding, she makes you feel very at ease which makes working with her a pleasure. Each session we’ve had has been a good experience and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

1 April 2020

I arrived at Sarah’s door in a bit of a mess... huge anxiety, loss of self esteem and unfinished business with a lot of the loss in my life. Quickly, with a fantastic history taking session and adept questioning, she seemed to be aware of what the problem was. Sarah has a wonderfully incisive style and made progress with me very quickly. Her recommendations for exercises and improving my sleep worked very quickly and effectively and the homework she gave me moved me on so much faster than if we had been just talking every week. She is a hugely likeable person that has a genuine interest in facilitating improvement in her client’s lives. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone ..... she has worked wonders with me and imparted skills on me that are lifelong gems. More...

11 March 2020


Sarah is a lovely lady in side and out. She is extremely professional and a very good therapist. Sarah listens to every word, sentence you say to her. She has shown me sincerity and compassion through out our sessions. I would highly recommend her hence my 5*. More...

3 February 2020

Sarah has been the most wonderful therapist and has had an enormous impact on my partner and I’s lives. Her unobtrusive and supportive approach made us both feel so welcome and able to open up to her, and she has completely turned our relationship around. We both felt truly listened to by her and her skilful approach in helping us to understand how the other person was feeling has moved our relationship from the verge of a break up to the most stable and positive it has ever been. Sarah is clearly very in tune with how to get the best from people, working with us both in similar but different ways to meet our needs. I can’t recommend Sarah enough for any couples who are in need of guidance and support. Her therapy sessions have been truly life changing for us. Thank you Sarah. More...

22 January 2020

I worked with Sarah for 6 months last year and she was brilliant. She's lovely to work with and her approach is both eye-opening and effective. I can honestly say that the perspective I gained has changed my life and I now feel able to move forward in a much more meaningful way. I would recommend her to anybody! More...

2 December 2019

I instantly clicked with Sarah and found her to be so helpful and understanding throughout the time we spent together. I looked forward to our weekly sessions and found that regularly speaking to Sarah really helped me when I faced difficult times. Sarah has given me belief in myself and allowed me to understand why I might find certain times challenging. She has made me think more kindly towards myself and shown me that I am not alone. More...

5 November 2019

Working with Sarah has taken me from absolute rock bottom to a place in my life where I'm no longer trapped in the cycle of depression and anger. Sarah is warm and easy to talk to, I was able to open up and unearth memories and feelings that I hadn't explored in decades. It is not an understatement to say that working with Sarah has changed my life. If anyone out there is feeling low, suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts you dont have to. Depression isn't a life sentence and I urge anyone who is suffering to reach out to someone and from personal experience you couldn't do better than going to Sarah Cunliffe. More...

16 October 2019

Right from our very first conversation on the phone I felt completely at ease and natural talking to Sarah. Such a happy, kind, caring and understanding lady - I thoroughly looked forward to our weekly sessions and it became more of a catch up with a friend but with huge benefits to myself and my relationship. I will never regret making the decision to have emotional therapy and would 100% recommend Sarah More...

3 September 2019


I found my time with Sarah to be hugely beneficial and made progress with my mental health almost immediately.

3 September 2019

Really loved meeting and talking to Sarah every week. She provided a safe space for me to reflect on my childhood and connect more with my past. She introduced me to a lot of really useful tools and exercises to use for self reflection and self development, would really recommend her as a counselor. More...

19 August 2019


Amazing experience working with Sarah. Pinpointed the problem in my brain and treated it within one session. Easygoing and will always listen to anything on your mind, which is key in therapy!

Will happily recommend!

5 June 2019

Sarah is an outstanding counsellor who believes in her clients and i would highly recommend Sarah to anyone. I entered into seeing Sarah as a broken shell and from an abusive childhood past but over time Sarah has helped me to see my truth and worth. Sarah has huge compassion and empathy, its very easy to be able to talk to Sarah and express your most awful pain and Sarah is able to hold a safe place for you. i am eternally grateful for Sarah and her amazing help she has given me. More...

30 May 2019

Sarah is both professional and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and took a genuine interest in my issues. The sessions were really helpful.

2 May 2019

Sarah, thank you for giving me the safe place that allowed me to work through the issues which have dogged me since childhood (it turns out). The creative tools were excellent, allowing me to see for the first time what the sources of my problems were. Thanks again Sarah. Highly recommended. More...

1 May 2019

I found the sessions enormously beneficial and I am quite sure they have encouraged me to look at how my childhood has affected me and my reactions in my adult life.
I trust Sarah both professionally and as a person and would have no hesitation whatsoever in seeking her help if the need ever arose in the future.


I love empowering clients so that they can be progressing towards what they want to achieve even when we are not in a session.
Seeing clients lives change for the better, more fulfilled, released from what has been hurting them & impacting their lives negatively.
Seeing that initial nervous look on client's faces melt way in the first 5 minutes when they realise I am just a very ordinary person, very human and unjudgmental and that I really get where they are coming from. I find human beings fascinating and I feel honoured to temporarily play a small part in supporting that person on their journey back to feeling whole again.

I wanted to do a job that I really enjoy which exploits my personal strengths, experience and training in order to make a real difference to other people's lives. There is nothing more fulfilling.

I also wanted to reach a greater audience as I have also done a lot of research into emotional wellness and relationship dynamics that I want to impart where appropriate.
Over the years in other jobs I have really enjoyed building relationships and bringing out the best in people, improving communications, acknowledging talents and potential in others and I wanted to have a chance to work in this area in a more focussed way.

I get results - no flimsy temporary approaches that don't last. Clients come to me when other therapies have not worked for them. I don't patronise and I am respectful. Men and women have expressed they felt comfortable talking to me openly and I explain clearly how it will work.

I am a people person, I am unjudgmental, I really care about others and always commit myself to giving the best counselling I can. I would be working for you with an agreed list of things you want to achieve.

Very successful with a long track record of success with clients even in the most severe cases.
A safe pair of hands, well trained, certified and accredited and keep my continual professional development training updated annually, store client data as per the Data protection Act and communicate within GDPR regulations. I am fully insured.
Southville clinic in Bristol has free parking & disabled access.
Various counselling options, in person, online via skype, then email or on the phone if it suits the client.

Clients have kindly shared that they really appreciated that I am very, very gentle when needed but also if later on they were procrastinating or felt stuck I was honest with them and gently challenged them in order to get them back on track. I do not agree with keeping clients in sessions any longer than they absolutely need as I want to empower clients to get back on with their lives and back in the world.

I have worked in many different industries and have lots of life experience, I am caring, I am pragmatic, steady, honest and a realist and I never give up.


Most people go through periods of feeling down, but when you’re depressed you feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days.

The most common one – clinical depression is a real illness with real symptoms.

Many people assume that with depression once you have it, you will always have it but actually with the right treatment and support, most people with depression can make a full recovery.

Therapeutic Counselling will help you to get to the root of why you feel anxious, what really triggers your anxiety and helps you overcome it both physically and emotionally once and for good.

If appropriate you can also learn how to handle conflict constructively and calmly and feel ok and safe if someone is expressing it to you too. There are physical aspects to anxiety and emotional ones and both will be tackled so that you can quickly get back control and manage it whilst we get to the deeper issues behind your anxiety.

Anger is not always a problem, it’s a healthy emotion and it’s normal to feel angry or lose your temper from time to time.

However, if anger is having a significant negative impact on your life, it may be time to seek help with a Therapeutic Counsellor. Sometimes, people’s instinctive anger mechanism fires up because a person is subconsciously triggering an emotional wound from something bad which happened in their past.

When someone dies or you experience a loss you may feel a number of things including shock, pain, loss, anger, guilt, depression, longing, emptiness and even isolation as often people don’t know what to say and how to respond to your loss and so they avoid you.

Every day, we help people like you to feel happy, calm, in control, confident, assured, motivated, energetic, more healthy, sexy, successful, peaceful and with a clear sense of meaning and purpose and fulfilled in their relationships.

Living a life of meaning, purpose & integrity - Lost your Mojo? Feel an emptiness inside?
Life is precious and short and therefore there isn’t a minute to waste.

To the outside world you will look happy, confident and successful however underneath you are making all efforts to compensate for and hide feelings of vulnerability, low self-worth, shame, not feeling good enough and aloneness. Often you will not be sure about who you are or what makes you happy, you may also be a perfectionist and you will often hear a negative critical voice in your head.

Parents/caregivers have often been loving, caring and providing but things have been incorrectly perceived by you whilst you were still emotionally developing as a child and often for the following reasons...

You have hidden core limiting beliefs about yourself based on buried and hidden assumptions about the world, others and yourself made in childhood when you felt powerless and these still remain frozen in time in your subconscious mind. These were mistakenly adopted in childhood as if they were real facts.

These are informing and driving a number of survival techniques you devised as a child in order to avoid further painful feelings/trauma. Perfectionism, controlling, judgementalism, bullying, addictions, people pleasing, mask wearing, eating disorders, addiction to guilt, commitment phobia, not talking about how you feel are just a small selection but there are many other ways too.

Therapeutic Counselling will help you to get to the root of these sometimes painful and/or confusing feelings and beliefs and why you feel and do what you do, it will help you make sense of what has happened to you and also help you safely release any painful feelings and often out of date or misinformed limiting beliefs safely once and for all. An advantage of Therapeutic Counselling is that once the work is done you will no longer need to have counselling again.
Using expertise, tools, experience and insight as a professional qualified Counsellor drawn from over 10 years of success with clients we know the right questions to ask you, really listen and learn all about you and your life and then we use special tools and techniques best tailored to your situation and personality to help you draw out the answers and understand what has happened to you and why you feel and behave the way you do now.

Counselling Support for Resilience, Productivity & Employee Engagement

Counselling plays an important role in staff retention and engagement. Happy, focused, empowered staff who feel cared for are every business’s main asset. They transform its productivity, have minimal absenteeism and build more solid working relationships and teams.
Counselling will also enable your staff to be more proactive, overcome limiting thinking and successfully achieve your company's goals. Staff who value themselves take more pride in their work and in their employers.
Sarah Cunliffe runs True Freedom an impartial, highly confidential, insured, experienced Harley Street recognised online counselling practice. For more than a decade, we have given private-practice counselling and coaching to business owners and staff dealing with anxiety, grief, stress, depression, self-esteem issues, anger management and bullying.
And we’re here for you with quality online counselling as well as self-help material and videos to give your business an easy-access, secure alternative to face-to-face sessions.

To discuss what you would like to achieve for your staff or for yourself please contact Sarah direct on s.cunliffe.counsellor@gmail.com.