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Ridge IT was established to fill a gap in the IT services industry by working to provide all the IT required by a business under one roof. By engaging with our company, you have access to a vast range of services including network installations, business internet lines, building CCTV and access control, and a whole host of services for offices including IT fitouts, cloud services, web development, and tech support.

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29 March 2019

Really great service, I'm so impressed by their quality of work and their knowledge when installing a new server, and I asked them to install WiFi on my next project. I cannot thank them enough for their service and excellent prices! More...

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29 March 2019

Fantastic service!!! So happy with this company! They were so professional and were attentive and really did give all the solutions to any issues I had. They installed an entry access point on one of our buildings and we are definitely using this company again for our next one. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

29 March 2019

Excellent and professional service. Had my security cameras fitted with no issues at all.

Reviewed on Google Maps


I'm an IT fanatic, and being able to work on what i'm passionate about enables me to give customers the experience they deserve.

My vision behind setting up Ridge IT stemmed from my lacklustre experiences working with IT providers during my years as the operations manager for a property development company. During my time in the construction industry, I experienced first hand the fragmentation of IT service providers and the frustrations this caused us. Having been involved my whole life with all things digital, I set up the company with the ambition of becoming an IT powerhouse and being able to offer businesses all the IT services they require under one roof. The company was built to leverage the relationships forged over the years with IT partners to offer extended services to customers. I believe that businesses would enjoy great benefit from truly consolidating all their IT requirements to one provider.

We take a very hands on approach and will consider all IT work, even ones not listed under our services. We have forged excellent connections with similar companies and so can provide customers a very wide range of IT services.


In an age where communication is becoming increasingly digital, the requirement for network installations to enable everything from networked offices to connected security systems is ever more important. Having the right systems in place can help a business ensure minimal downtime and offer robust performance. We utilise enterprise-grade equipment in all our installations to ensure our customers are provided with a robust and secure network system.

From concept inception to handover and ongoing support, we take a hands-on approach to meeting our customers' requirements. We follow a systematic approach to dealing with your enquiry, from taking initial meetings to discuss your requirements, to studying any existing infrastructure and developing a proposal. Upon your approval, we will create a network design and carry out the installation, testing, and handover. Our services can be offered at any point in a system’s lifetime, from as early as data cabling, right up to supply of equipment and provisioning. We can also provide you with tailored support agreements or provide support on an ad-hoc basis.

At Ridge IT, we specialise in the deployment of wired and wireless networks that deliver the best possible up-time, day in day out. We offer a range of services suitable for all size businesses and premises. Our work is completed to the highest of standards and we pay meticulous attention to fine details. Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced in their line of work, and are mindful of ensuring minimum disruption to your business. We understand that not all businesses can accommodate installation works during normal business hours, that’s why we offer the option of carrying out work outside of normal work hours.

Our Services

Wired Networks
Get connected with a high speed wired network that can deliver gigabit connectivity. For even more demanding tasks, we can install Cat7 based systems that deliver speeds of up to 10Gbps. Find out more.

Wireless Networks
Our wireless solutions use the latest technology to provide the fast and secure Wi-Fi networks. We utilise licence-free enterprise grade access points that deliver robust Wi-Fi performance to all your wireless devices.

Structured Cabling
Deploy a robust and future proofed installation to meet your requirements. The need for a dependable and fast network for today’s businesses is of the utmost importance. That’s why we are one of the few companies that offer Cat7 cable installations.

Sometimes it just makes sense to retain a single provider for all your IT requirements. From our dealings with customers, having a single point of contact for all IT requirements provides great value to their business, and relieves the pressure of having to manage multiple IT providers. More often than not, when several companies are involved, issues take longer to resolve as each tried to throw blame on the other. This can be extremely frustrating and disruptive to business. By retaining a single IT provider, you can rest-assured knowing that issues will be resolved quickly and in a constructive manner.

Through our experience in the IT sector, we can offer customers services from simple hardware upgrades, to compete office solutions. We offer a wide range of services to get your business' IT infrastructure up and running.

1. Complete office IT solutions
Setting up a business can be one of the most challenging endeavours, and tackling the IT installation for a new premises can be a daunting and overwhelming task in its own right. As a business ourselves, we understand the need for a reliable and robust IT infrastructure to power your business, whether you’re a one-person office, or occupy an entire building. We work with each client to come up with a solution that is suitable for both their budget and requirements. We project manage your IT fitout from day one, and ensure you have a smooth experience. We have a wealth of experience from simple Wi-Fi installations, to more complex structured cabling work and supporting infrastructure. Inside the office, we can supply you with all the workstations, printing, and server requirements. We offer a true one-stop shop for all your IT needs.

2. Cloud services
The cloud has become something of a phenomenon in recent years. Advancements in connectivity have meant that cloud services can really offer a viable alternative to traditional offline/on-site services. The cloud offers compelling benefits that could really transform the way your business works. One example are hosted desktops. These enable your staff to work from anywhere with an internet connection and they can pick up right where they left off. Another popular use of the cloud is for online storage. Services like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive offer users with high capacity online storage that can be access from any computer or mobile device. With online storage, your data is kept secure and is backed up to ensure you don’t lose important information. Our experience in working with cloud services means we can work with you to migrate your business onto the cloud to help you save on costs and provide your business with improved resilience and redundancy.
3. Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s offering of their popular Office suite of applications on a hosted cloud platform. As Office has traditionally been an offline desktop application, Office 365 provides the same applications you have come to love but on a hosted platform with great cloud features built in; such as cloud storage and team collaboration. Microsoft Office 365 operates on a subscription model known as a Software as a Service (Saas). This is great for cashflow as there are no hefty upfront capital costs, and you pay for the service through low monthly payments. Our experience in deploying Microsoft Office 365 allows us to work around your business’ needs to ensure a smooth transition.

4. On-site server
Businesses that want complete control of their data and networking may opt to have an onsite server installed. Being on-site means you have complete physical control over your systems without having to rely on a third party. This data control may be of particular importance for certain sectors such as legal or medical firms, where they may be regulated and must hold client data securely on-premises. Other popular uses of a server is for hosting shared applications, such as Sage accounting software. By design, servers are made to operate 24/7 and come with built in resilience features such as redundant storage and backup power supplies. By centralising your storage and applications, you minimise the risk of downtime wreaking havoc to your operation. We have deployed servers to host networked storage, and more complicated mixed-use servers that host applications, act as a proxy server, and provide networked antivirus protection.

At Ridge IT, we help you cut through the noise of confusion when approaching your IT requirements. We take a hands-on approach from day one by trying to understand your business and the IT required to help you run efficiently. We project manage all your IT installations, and with our wealth of experience, we can provide you with extended services and all the IT you need under one roof.

The prevalence of CCTV installations has helped to deter vandals and help reduce crime. A premises with CCTV is less likely to be broken into, and can help with an investigation. CCTV has traditionally relied on analogue technology for the capture and storage of imagery, whilst more modern systems are network connected and provide a far superior user experience.

Needn't break the bank
A CCTV installation has traditionally been viewed as a significant investment, however with advancements in technology and falling prices, there’s never been a better time to commission a CCTV system. Our experience with camera installations means we can recommend systems from a whole host of manufacturers to suit your needs.

Wired, wireless, and battery-operated options
Most CCTV systems operate on a wired basis, i.e. they have two wires: one to carry power, and another to carry the video signal. Newer IP based systems work over ethernet cables and frequently utilise Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity to carry power and data over a single cable, helping to reduce installation costs.

Manufacturers have now gone a step further by introducing wireless cameras that can be powered through a local power outlet, or on battery power. Battery operated CCTV provides for a truly wireless installation, and whilst the initial outlay may be higher, the cost savings in running cables can easily showcase the benefits.

Smart remote viewing
Most newer CCTV systems feature the ability to view live feeds and recordings through the internet from anywhere in the world using a mobile, tablet or desktop computer. Many of our installations include remote viewing features as standard, so you can keep an eye on your business from anywhere.

The advent of IP CCTV has meant that footage can be captured at a much higher resolution, providing for a superior image quality that can be invaluable in an investigation. Because the system is also connected to a network, it can be viewed from a wide range of devices and remote locations.

IP based CCTV systems offer a whole host of benefits and we install systems that come with excellent management software for central control. IP cameras can take incredibly clear images, and can be configured to send alerts when movements are detected.

We provide CCTV systems from leading manufacturers including Ubiquiti Networks and HIKVISION.

CCTV Planning
At Ridge IT, we approach a CCTV installation with great care and appreciate the sensitive nature of a camera system. We conduct initial site surveys and produce a plan and position layout to ensure maximum coverage of your premises. During our planning, we take into consideration privacy laws to ensure the privacy of public spaces and other people’s property is not compromised. We offer CCTV systems from a wide range of manufacturers to suit all budgets and requirements.

Being connected to the internet is now as essential as any other utility. Many businesses actively rely on an internet connection to conduct their day to day business activities. The requirement for a reliable internet connection is business critical and of paramount importance for some businesses. Internet downtime can mean losses in revenue and reputation, and so it can be critical to have a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Whether your business requires broadband, or a dedicated leased line, we will help you find a connection that meets your budget and requirements. Advancements and falling costs of specialist wireless equipment have also made it possible to utilise wireless broadband and wireless point to point links.

Internet Services
Dedicated Leased Lines
A leased line in plain English is a symmetric point to point dedicated data link. Ok that wasn’t very plain. In simpler terms, a leased line provides your business with a dedicated connection, not shared by anyone else, that provides high upload and download speeds all times of the day. Contrary to common understanding, leased lines provide more than just an internet connection. They allow a business to create a secure private network between multiple offices, to enable the sharing of files and other resources such as telephony. Leased lines often come with one-off set up costs, and relatively higher monthly charges. Through our affiliation with several major ISP’s, we are able to offer you a leased line with a wide range of speed options and contract lengths.

Business Broadband
Perhaps one of the most common internet connections to businesses is the business broadband. This type of connection is akin to your normal home broadband but are more geared towards the demands of businesses. With business broadband, you can expect high speed internet connections at considerably lower running costs to a leased line. The nature of this product means you are sharing the network with others in the area, and so are not guaranteed speeds all times of the day. From our experience, a quality ISP will usually provide you with a fast connection most times of the day. One of the major benefits of business broadband is the quick setup times, and the low running costs.

Wireless Broadband
Wireless broadband is a fairly new concept. It is the use of wireless data links to provide your premises with a high speed and reliable internet connection. This is referred to as Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWB). The use of this technology can be incredibly effective in areas where traditional communication infrastructure are lacking, such as copper or cellular data services, especially in rural areas. With a FWB, you are not relying on an ISP to provide you with a service, which makes setting up of wireless data links quick and cost effective. At Ridge IT, we have deployed wireless data links for some of our clients, which has resulted in them saving thousands of pounds on monthly running costs compared to traditional connections.
Wireless Multi-Site Networks
Advancements in wireless networking technology has introduced solutions to businesses that were once reserved for the likes of telecom carriers. Using special wireless equipment, you can establish a wireless data link between two or more physically distant sites that can be up to 20 or more miles away. Imagine this as an invisible cable running between two locations helping to share resources at minimal cost. A wireless link enables you to create a unified private and secure network for sharing of files and resources, such as an internet connection. They are a great solution for multi-site businesses, since they can drastically reduce your running costs. Compared to a leased line, there is minimal costs after installation.

Access Control systems provide the primary role of preventing unauthorised entry to secure areas. Break-ins can result in great expense to a business, from stolen equipment, to business disruption. The loss of critical data can even further cause a great deal of distress to a business, resulting in down time and potential reputation damage. By deploying an access control system, you can maintain a higher level of protection and verification of users. We offer a range of options from leading manufacturers including Salto, Paxton, and Codelocks.

The need for access control
It is often hard to quantify the benefits of controlling access to a premises, and this could be even harder if you’ve been fortunate in not experiencing a break-in. However, access control systems do provide tangible benefits that should be considered. Possibly the largest benefit is the ability to control access to a premises, or part of a premises, without the cost of having to manage keys and replace locks. The nature of these systems means you can change codes to doors on the fly, and depending on the system used, monitor who has accessed a door and when. Some systems even go a step further by integrating with your building CCTV and capturing images of those who have had access. This level of control is only available through an access control system, and we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a solution that meets you budget and requirements.

Type of access control systems​​​​​​​
Broadly speaking, access control systems can be categorised into three categories. Namely, these are online, offline and intercom systems.

An online system is networked and operates from a central computer, which allows you full control in real time of the doors in the building. You can quickly carry out tasks like adding or removing users in an efficient manner. Online systems are great for large buildings and save countless hours when configuring access rights.

An offline system on the other hand is more standalone. Each door has a separate mechanism for controlling access, and any changes would need to be done at each door. The benefit of these systems is the low upfront costs and are effective for small sites with few doors to manage.

Intercom systems provide a means of allowing external users to ring in to separate areas of the building and for the internal users to grant access. Modern IP based systems provider greater functionality by enabling an integration with an access control system, and for advanced features such as leaving video messages and easy management of handsets.

At Ridge IT, we understand that sometimes you just need some adhoc IT support and services. We cater for all customers and offer a range of frequently required services, from basic hardware upgrades to complete bespoke websites. Our work pricing is flexible, and depending on the nature of the job, we could offer you a fixed quotation, or carry out the works on an hourly basis.

Hardware Upgrades
Upgrading existing IT equipment is if often the most cost effective method of breathing new life into your infrastructure. Whether this be a simple upgrade of your workstations to faster Solid State Drives (SSDs), or swapping out aging network switches to more modern gigabit technology, we cover a wide spectrum of hardware upgrades. We use the highest quality parts sourced from leading UK suppliers of IT components.

Software installations
Deploying new software can sometimes be a tricky endeavour, even more so when dealing with specialist software. From installation to configuration for your work environment, we can help you throughout the set up process and can liaise with the software developer on your behalf. Our software installation service extends from simple antivirus setups, to more complicated operating system installs.

Website development
In this day and age, customers have come to expect an online presence for your business. With more potential customers relying on search engines to find businesses, establishing a digital presence is key to ensuring customers find you. Business growth is often linked to the quality of a company’s website. At Ridge IT, we cater for customers of all sizes and budgets. From simple brochure type websites to fully fledged bespoke developments with business specific functionality, we will take the time to understand your requirements and deliver a website you can be proud to showcase.

Hardware and Software procurement
Understanding what type of hardware of software you need can be a challenging task. Through our experience, we can assist your business with your procurement process and recommend the right solution for the job. Through our partnerships with leading UK suppliers of both hardware and software, we can offer you preferential rates and next day deliveries on thousands of products.

At Ridge IT we work towards being able to provide you all the IT you need under one roof, it’s our moto. Should you require a special service, we are happy to accommodate and discuss your requirements. More often than not, we can liaise with external third parties and project manage any work you require. Give us a call and find out how we can help your business IT.