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Perfectly Pilates

Houghton le Spring, Tyne and Wear

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I'm a Qualified Level 3 Pilates mat instructor who has been practicing Pilates for more than seven years. I'm passionate about exercise being safe, challenging, effective and fun. I believe you should feel stronger, leaner, more mobile and 'loose' in your joints and muscles, and have tons more energy after any workout;

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25 October 2019

Having various medical problems, fibromyalgia, ME, etc I was a bit worried about how much I would hurt doing pilates. I took a free taster session and now I’m hooked! 6 classes later and yes, I’m still in pain and exhausted but my core is so much stronger and movement is a lot smoother. Sarah’s class is fun, educational and so worth pushing yourself to attend! Mind and soul I’m happier, thanks Sarah xx More...

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22 October 2019

I must admit that I was a bit dubious about Pilates. Not knowing much about it, I had kind of tagged it as being 'just for women'. A very good friend is a regular and encouraged me to try it, promising that I would see a benefit for my dodgy back. I attended a taster session a few weeks ago and was immediately hooked. I couldn't believe the effort I was putting in, it really is a good work out, but so different to anything else I had done. Sarah is a brilliant instructor who somehow manages to tailor the classes to suit all levels. I was mightily relieved to find another couple of blokes there and we have a chuckle listening to each other grunting and groaning as the evil Sarah puts us through the various stretches. I can absolutely feel my back loosening up as well as other joints and some muscles I didn't even know I had. Thank you Sarah! More...

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14 September 2019

really enjoyed it. so friendly. thank you

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5 June 2019

Sarah is very friendly and encouraging, as are the others attending the class. I always feel better after a class and glad I attended.

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18 January 2019

Two sessions in from the holidays and feeling amazing. Thank you Sarah

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12 January 2019

Just finished the 2hr Foundation Workshop with Sarah & I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cannot wait to start classes on Tuesday & Friday

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12 January 2019

I attended a great 2 hour workshop this morning to introduce me to Pilates and get me ready for class sessions. Sarah explained things really well and was a patient teacher . .. can’t wait for my first proper class! More...

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8 January 2019

I started Pilates with Sarah on 12th October doing 8 X 1:1 classes. We've skipped a few weeks due to other commitments so I've just finished class 6. But oh my word, what a difference in such a short period!The main reason I joined was due to having a very weak pelvic floor since delivering my baby boy a year ago. After months of physiotherapy and no improvement (and still not sure if I could even "find" my pelvic floor) the next option was going to be surgery. Until a friend recommended Pilates.Not only has Sarah helped me fix my pelvic floor (I've had terrible cold this past week and I no longer fear coughs and sneezes), I feel like my posture is better (people keep saying I've lost weight and I have a little, but I think it's mainly I hold myself better), my back hurts less, I used to get leg cramps after wearing heels, yet I've worn them a lot recently for work and nights out with no issues. Pilates was definitely the exercise I needed.Sarah is patient and understanding, and explains the physiology behind each exercise, so you learn WHY you're positioning, stretching and breathing in a particular way, not just parroting a movement. I am now a huge advocate of Perfectly Pilates and will tell anyone who cares to listen! More...

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5 December 2018

Sarah is a lovely instructor who makes you feel at home. She’s professional and keeps you right but also has a caring touch. She remembers what everyone’s ailments are and advises each person wether they should do an alternative to certain exercises. It gives you confidence. This is the first time Iv ever taken a class in anything as I was quite shy going on my own and also worried in case I took poorly in class. I should of done it sooner!! More...

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17 November 2018

Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise you can ever do. So beneficial. Can also be fun. I absolutely love it and although Sarah at Perfectly Pilates happens to be my daughter I have to say she is absolutely brilliant. X

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28 March 2018

I was recommended Sarah from Perfectly Pilates by my osteopath who felt that she would be able to help with a very weak and damaged back and leg. And I’m so glad I started taking her classes.
Sarah is a brilliant teacher. She’s engaging. Her classes are fun. Her knowledge of the human body and how it works is up there with any physio I’ve ever seen.
If you want a toned, strong body, this is for you. This is a real workout. If you’ve tried other forms of exercise and been bored or not stuck at them, then this is for you. An hour with Sarah feels like ten minutes!

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I want to understand their desired outcomes, what are their requirements and restrictions and what style of workout they prefer.
At the first meeting we'll assess fitness level and ability and using their requirements and outcomes, I'll put together a plan including 'homework' exercises to practice when we're not training together.
I assess progress regularly and discuss what's going to plan and what we need to adjust and how best to progress. It's important that the client is happy with progress and that expectations are met and a realistic depending upon on physical or other limitations.
It's a very open and interactive process.

Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of whole foods and cutting out sugar intake wherever possible.
Good quality rest and sleep to allow your body and mind to recover, repair and enable peak performance mentally as well as physically.
Exercise that works a variety of muscles and challenges your co-ordination. Getting the heart rate up for 10 minutes each day is crucial for longevity.
Finally and vitally, being happy with the person are and being grateful for what you have to work with! You can only get to where you want to be if you're grateful for where you are now.

Helping people to feel better in their own bodies after 30-60 mins of good exercise and a little 'me time'. I'm so privileged to be have a 'job' where I work with lots of wonderful people to help them to recover from operations and injuries or just to maintain their fitness levels and feel better. So many of my clients inspire me and I teach people to move and breathe better every day!

My love for the Pilates method. I was working in an office environment doing too many hours a day for 15 years and giving myself back, shoulder and neck problems. Pilates helped immensely while also reducing my stress levels and creating a body I am happy to live in! I finally had a word with myself and realised I wanted to do THIS for a living and get rid of my body pain and help others to do the same.

My passion and positivity are my main strengths along with my knowledge, having had fantastic training and mentors for many years. I am always learning though as I believe there is always more to discover when honing your art. My clients benefit from my thirst for knowledge about exercise and movement.
My style is not sergeant major 'bootcamp'. Choose me if you'd prefer to be worked and challenged but in a friendly manner and with a smile or laugh. Life is already too serious - exercise should be enjoyable and we're more likely to stick with it too if it makes you feel good.