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I provide life coaching, hypnotherapy and Counseling using NLP techniques to make positive change in your life. I am based in Slough.

I am very passionate about helping people to transform, to find direction, perform better, improve mental health and well-being and achieve goals so that they can lead better, more fulfilling and satisfying lives.

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9 customer reviews

25 January 2021

My first time meeting with a Spell caster and I have to say, it's really worth it. It had been 6months since my husband left me without saying anything. All thanks to Dr Tunde I was able to connect with my husband again with his powerful reunion love spell and now he loves me more than he used to. Eternally grateful with The Great Dr tunde I highly recommend, His contact details babatundesolutioncentre1@gmail.com or on his WhatsApp number +2348143581382 More...

3 December 2020


I was extremely comfortable speaking to Pankaj Garg after our first initial phone call, I felt like I could trust him straight away and it was like talking to a very close friend. He was always very reassuring and I felt like I could openly speak about everything with him with no judgement and no discomfort. I was skeptical about therapy but from the beginning, Pankaj made me change my mind and really helped me throughout all my issues, and I feel better than I have in several years. I would recommend Pankaj to everybody because he is so comforting, he really made me feel like I was worth helping and every session I had with him showed me results. I feel happier and stronger than ever and I will be forever grateful for this. More...

30 November 2020

Life Coaching

I have been seeing Pankaj now for the last few weeks and I can honestly say that he has changed my whole outlook on life. I have had a lot of difficult things going on and with no control over the outcome of these things, he has helped to transform me from worrying and being anxious all the time to a strong minded and positive individual . He has provided me with the right tools to manage any situation now that arises and not let it flood me with negative and bad energy. I would highly recommend Pankaj to anyone that is dealing with any difficulties in their lives as well as someone who is looking for help to navigate and guidance on changing your mindset to achieve all the things you most desire. I could not recommend a better therapist. Pankaj spends the time to talk through with you anything that is troubling you without any judgement and helps you to work through the issues by asking you questions, to see situation from a different perspective. He will also use hypnotherapy which is extremely helpful to speak to your unconscious mind by putting you in a relaxed and comfortable state. I have left every session feeling on top of the world. Pankaj is a dedicated therapist who has always run over his session time to ensure that he gets to the root of the issue. I highly recommend him and thank him for helping me in my own personal journey. More...

19 October 2020

I began by having an initial consultation after a friend recommended Pankaj’s life coaching therapies.
I was a little apprehensive about my first video chat but Pankaj quickly put me at ease, explaining everything carefully during the session. I have been on a self development/healing journey for the past 10 years in total. I had done a lot of work on myself during this time and was feeling the benefit of this but I still felt, at times that I was holding on to past hurts, ruminating and suffered from bouts of self doubt and low self-esteem.
Pankaj listened very carefully and asked open questions so that we could identify the root cause. Every time I’ve had a session I have felt light and relaxed immediately after the session, my self confidence has improved and I am noticing negative thought patterns when they occur. With The hypnosis I am deeply relaxed and my thoughts and feelings around the past have shifted and changed. With the time-line therapy I have been able to let go of the past and step confidently towards my bright and happy future. This in turn changes and impacts all areas of my life and has a positive impact on all my relationships ?❤️. Thank you Pankaj for doing what you do so well. I will not hesitate to recommend you. Katie

19 October 2020

Thank you so much Pankaj, I have had a few sessions with you and I already feel the benefits. I feel stronger in myself and more confident in myself. I have cried a lot in our sessions, but today I felt good about myself and when my body want to cry I was able to have the strength to tell it NO…be happ. And I couldn’t have got there without your guidance. Thank you so much. I feel like I am finally closing the lids to past boxes. And you don’t understand how happy this makes me ha ha. Thank you so much. More...

19 October 2020

I did four sessions with Pankaj, after his wife who's a very dear friend suggested I try hypnotherapy with him, as I was suffering from undiagnosed fatigue. I immediately signed up, as I know she would never recommend something unless she knows it's really good.

I could see some results after just one session. After each session I would give up smoking for a few days but would take it up again. After the third session, I finally gave up, and haven't had a cigarette in three weeks now. After the fourth session, Pankaj gave me recordings for self hypnosis and one of our sessions, so that I can use them daily to overcome my fatigue and lack of motivation. I can already see the difference the recordings make to my day.

The key thing is to be patient. While the hypnotherapy works fairly immediately, it doesn't work instantly. I always lit up a cigarette the minute the session was over, but would give up a few days after the session.

The best thing about Pankaj is that he's very keen to help people, and has more confidence in you than you have in yourself, because he knows what he does is highly effective.

I have tried hypnotherapy before to give up smoking, but it wasn't this effective. So I would recommend Pankaj very highly. Just be patient, and try a few sessions before you see results. Also, listen to the recordings every day, for the best outcome.

19 October 2020

A huge thank you to Pankaj for our session. I came away feeling really positive and inspired. I have been listening to the recording Pankaj made me on a daily basis and have already noticed in just one week the effect this is having on my levels of confidence and energy. In the session itself I felt very relaxed and at ease and it’s clear Pankaj really cares about helping people and encouraging them to reach their full potential. He’s very intuitive, understanding and insightful. If you have an issue you want to tackle that has been bugging you for a while, I would highly recommend seeing Pankaj. More...

19 October 2020

Before working with Pankaj Garg, I was not a believer in hypnotherapy. When I was struggling with trying to get over my toxic ex, my friend suggested trying hypnotherapy with Pankaj. He came highly recommended so I went in with an open mind. Pankaj spent a lot of time understanding my situation prior to putting me under hypnosis, which in itself was very helpful. In addition, the hypnosis made a switch in my way of looking at my ex. It closed the door that I had left open in my mind for someone whom I knew subconsciously was not right for me. Pankaj brought my subconscious knowledge into my consciousness. I am very grateful to him for making me forget my ex and move on –Sehira More...

19 October 2020

Pankaj Garg was highly recommended to me by my mother who had a hypnotherapy session with him. I had been experiencing some anxiety related to my relationship and wanted to overcome these feelings and have a more positive outlook. Pankaj not only helped me see things from a different perspective, he allowed me to experience that “lightbulb moment” where I realised the changes that needed to be made myself. In addition to this, he helped me look within myself to identify the changes that I could bring about in order to lead a more positive and happy life, which would then project onto my relationship, resulting in the outcomes I desired. I felt extremely comfortable sharing my experiences with him and he was keen to listen to everything I had to say with no judgements or negative energy.

I’ve always been keen on trying hypnotherapy and was excited to experience it first-hand but I never expected this experience to be so effective. I felt so relaxed - almost in REM sleep and physically felt waves of contentment flowing through my body. I woke up feeling refreshed, happy and positive and would definitely highly recommend Pankaj Garg. I am so grateful that I could have this session with him and feel so much happier after it.


To bring smile on others face. To make people aware that life is to experience, enjoy exhilarate with total freedom and joy. I love to work on improving mental health and wellbeing of my clients. Healthy mind creates healthy body, healthy society and healthy country. Therefore, it is necessary to become stronger and face the challenges of life with full conviction and be happy.

I am very passionate about what I do, help people to realize their own inner potential and find alignment with inner self thereby achieving success and more fulfilling life. I had my own share of life experiences where I felt stuck, hopeless and negative but then to rise above from there and to be able to make total transformation in my life makes life coaching for people, my passion more than a job.

I totally believe in myself and I believe that everyone has got infinite creative intelligence. It is our birth right to be happy, joyful, peaceful and enjoy every moment of our life to the fullest with love and excitement. I know we all can achieve it. How? By living life with full conviction and confidence and by banishing our own limiting beliefs, decisions, patterns and behaviours responsible for where we are in our life.

When I work with you, I listen to you carefully with full empathy and form a connection with you. This will help in getting to know your inner thought patterns and behaviour which are responsible for today where you are. I slowly guide you to know yourself better. I then, with your consent guide you to release unwanted thought patterns and behaviour and replace those with more positive and powerful thoughts.

I am so passionate about finding the root cause of your problem and to help you transforming that most of the time I overrun the session time.