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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Online training, One-one training, Sports Therapy.

A very unique experience of
being trained by a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist BSc.
Overall a wealth of knowledge and expertise that get people results as well as educating them.

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9 customer reviews

24 December 2019

I started coming to Henry for deep tissue massages, and cupping for my problematic shoulder and back, he does a brilliant job, and I couldn’t recommend anyone better. More recently I’ve been using him as my personal trainer, my strength and technique and physique is improving greatly. Grateful to have his services More...

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1 August 2019

I've been using Henry's Knowledge for about a year now. I went to him as i would walk into a gym and just go through the motions, without knowing what to do. I was already fit, so needed some expertise. My working life is rather stressful, so i want to go to the gym, and relax and follow a plan.I signed up for his online App with workouts and i love them. Videos and monitors my increase in weight lifting. I'm hitting new targets, down to 10% body fat due to his nutritional advice and for 43 next birthday, have a new lease of life and strong mental attitude. I have used his sports therapy a lot, and again with his strength, he gets all knots cleared out and to top it off, he is a pleasant, professional trainer, who will push you in 1-2-1'sGet yourself involved, fitness is a journey, so crack on! More...

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16 July 2019

My job causes a lot of strain and tension in my back and Henry was able to sort this out, no problem! Thanks Henry

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4 July 2019

Incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and approachable coach at a very reasonable cost! couldn't recommend Henry more. Working with him has paid dividends for my physique.

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6 November 2018

I am so glad I met Henry after trying just about everything over the last 10 years or m ore. I now no longer take pain killers for back pain thanks to the skill, knowledge and maintenance work that Henry has so professionally and modestly provided. Worth twice the price! I feel more confident about my outlook now and I can't thank him enough. More...

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6 November 2018

Henry has made a huge difference in my riding with improved range of movement, flexibility and reduced chronic pain. He is highly professional and I am very confident in his knowledge. Working with Henry brings a new depth and focus to my training which I’m really enjoying. I’m looking forward to training with him to strengthening areas identified by him and my coach as requiring improvement to push my performance forward. More...

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2 July 2018

Amazing experience! Henry knows his stuff, a fantastic Sports Therapist I'd highly recommend!

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2 July 2018

Have had a really great few sessions from Henry at Outlift'. Found his approach to my injury excellent and have since recommended my friends. Anybody who is a gym goer like myself should get booked with him! More...

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2 July 2018

I am so glad I met Henry, after trying just about everything over the last 10 years or more. I now no longer take pain killers for back pain thanks to the skill, knowledge and maintenance work that Henry has so professionally and modestly provided. I feel more confident about my outlook now, look better with much improved posture, stature and strength. I can't thank him enough. More...

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Realistic and achievable goal setting, constant support and motivation. Education and regular chats.
Personalised diets and workouts that suit the individual with frequent assessment and changes where needed.

Hard work, patience, knowledge and the ability to push yourself and break free from your comfort zone.

I have always loved helping people!
Whether it's rehabilitating injuries, helping people move/exercise how they never dreamed they ever could. Reaching goals together and having a great client/trainer relationship.
People who wish to change their bodies, lose fat or gain muscle or all three, it's possible and it WILL happen!

Having control of my own working life so I can perform to the best of my ability rather than dragging my heels through a dull 9-5 job.

This is exciting, rewarding and positive.

It's as simple as, I get results!
Experience a Personal Trainer and then experience someone who is much more than that, as a Sports Therapist I have more to offer clients than they could imagine.
I don't see the body as something you use to lift weights, I see the physiology and biomechanics that make everything work. My approach allows clients to train cleverly and risk free with regular educational input to give the clients more knowledge about exercise, what we are doing and how the body is working.
I assess clients constantly making sure they are structurally correct, balanced and working to their full potential.

Not only that... I have online personal training to offer along with or instead on 1-1 sessions. Using a state of the art App you will have me as a personal trainer in your pocket!

There is no excuse for time and money as it's both affordable and works around YOU.


(Taken from my website)
Training with a Personal Trainer is used to motivate, educate and coach the people to achieve results and attain their desired goals. Each training session is designed specifically for the client and their individual needs and goals which makes it so effective. With Personal Training there’s guidance and reassurance that you are performing the exercises with correct technique, without the risk of injury. From one training session to the next, you will be challenged at the right intensity for you with the appropriate training methods to keep you progressing in every session.

For a number of years, clients have depended on me to provide this valuable service. I offer this and other specialised options to anyone in need of a Sports Therapist they can trust and get results with. Whether you have a recent or longstanding complaint, a minor or major injury, problematic back or chronic headaches... whatever your complaint, we offer an outstanding service to ensure the best possible treatment is carried out with the aim to achieve significant improvements within as few as one treatment.

Having countless trial and error's, experimentation's and numerous diets we have developed a variety of specialised nutrition protocols, some based on current ones and others that offer a completely new approach to diet and nutrition. No two people are the same and everyone has their own goals and obstacles but here at Outlift Muscle & Fitness we aim to; educate, inspire, discipline and support you to succeeding with a healthier lifestyle through food.