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NUEVO Wellness is an Online Coaching and Personal Training business working out of South London. Our main drive in fitness revolves around improving the lives of people through exceptional movement, improved performance and in turn mental and physical improvements.

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25 March 2021

Can’t recommend Ryan too much. He was my PT for several months until I moved away. He was really helpful and pushed me but knew when to stop. He helped motivate me and I’m no easy challenge when it comes to building exercise into someone’s routine! He’ll listen while providing great motivation and advice as I said I can’t recommend him enough. More...

10 March 2021

Ryan's a top man and a great trainer. During our time I gained upper body muscle, which I'd always struggled with, to the point where I was doing pull ups, record press ups for me, and PB half marathon times! Highly recommend this man.

24 February 2021

It’s been difficult times in the last year or so, but I must say that having the previously worked with Ryan made a huge difference to my training and my injuries, his holistic approach and unique understanding of what is required which is tailored to me was what I needed to push my fitness to another level. His help with creating a routine not only with training but also with food and daily goals made me conscious of my day to day. Even though Gym have been closed he has contacted me and empowered me to carry on and keep a routine he is definitely a PT I will 100% recommend but also return to ones we are out of lockdown. More...

16 February 2021

I highly recommend Ryan. I’ve been training with him for just over a year now and have done group classes and 1-1 training. Whatever the format the sessions are well structured with a mix of weights and cardio tailored to ensure you reach your specific goals. I definitely feel fitter and stronger and more importantly really look forward to my training. If you are looking for that kick start in 2021, go for it and give Ryan a try. More...

13 February 2021

Ryan is an excellent trainer. He is very thorough in ensuring you have the right technique and each rep is quality! I really enjoyed working with him and the range of exercises we covered.

11 February 2021

Very knowledgeable and realistic on where you are at. Program catered to my individual need, still pushed me beyond my perceived limit. Saw definite results in fitness level. More...

9 February 2021

I trained with Ryan at David Lloyds gym for a long time. Ryan is very clear with his instructions, customised the exercises to my needs as well. But the most amazing thing working with him was that he understood my personality and what I needed to get to my goals to just push me enough so I keep going. I saw amazing results and strength in the end. I would strongly recommend Ryan as a personal trainer. More...

8 February 2021

Extremely knowledgable, encouraging and motivating, Ryan's tailored PT is also fun and testing in exactly the right way, with great variety too. I felt quickly fitter, more flexible, better balanced and energised with his help and am grateful for his ongoing support and insight as I strive for optimum wellness. More...

7 February 2021

Ryan is very dedicated and motivates me. I struggle to motivate myself but Ryan always makes my sessions enjoyable!

6 February 2021

I’ve tried a few PTs, and Ryan is definitely the best. He takes the time to help you perform exercises properly so you can develop and actually enjoy the sessions. He also helped me figure out a root cause of an old injury and then start to fix it. More...

6 February 2021

I started training with Ryan after the first lockdown last year (2020), to help motivate me a bit more and keep me from falling back into bad habits whilst working from home! The sessions themselves were really fun and I always looked forward to it, plus Ryan was always quick to get back to me if I had questions and provided weekly feedback following check ins/reviewing my plan. His positive attitude helped me continue to reach a goal I was very happy with and food-wise never felt restrictive. I couldn’t recommend him enough, thanks Ryan!! More...

5 February 2021

Ryan used his skills and knowledge in rehabilitating my left knee over more than 4 months. I had complex damage to my knee needing expert excersise to build up strength. Ryan tailored his sessions to meet my needs of improving fitness & weight loss. I achieved my goals with Ryan’s patient encouragement varying the excersise & increasing my strength. I would not hesitate in recommending Ryan More...

5 February 2021

Love working out with Ryan!

Perfect balance of pushing you and making sure you can still walk at the end of the session. He is incredibly knowledgeable and personable which makes even the early morning workouts fun. More...

5 February 2021

I am not someone who is particularly interested in the fitness ‘world’ and was therefore apprehensive about training in general. However, it was very apparent straight away that I needn’t be because Ryan is really easy to work with and makes a concerted effort to break things down, without any pretentiousness.
It was evident he put a lot of thought and effort into a tailored programme for me, based on what I said I wanted and I saw fat loss results quickly. I even began to look forward to sessions and would recommend him to anyone who’s looking to lose weight, get stronger or simply learn more.

25 September 2019

Ryan listened to my specific requirements ie I wanted to strengthen my joints, in particular knees. Also I wanted to lose body fat and increase my muscle ratio.
At first I found it hard work but within a few weeks of bi-weekly sessions I I started feeling stronger and after several months have increased my muscle mass and lost fat. Ryan ensures you have the correct postures when lifting weights or using the gym equipment and I have steadily increased my upper body strength , toned my waste line and hips.
I was delighted with my latest reading showing my metabolic age was 45 when My real age is 60! I would highly recommend Ryan as he is very knowledgable, encouraging and positive and it is the first time I have such good results with a personal trainer.

25 September 2019

Working with Ryan has taken my fitness to another level, with clear guidance and weakly written rotas and targets has been exceptional and a steady build up of muscle to then move to losing weight with a continued push of targeted eating, walking habits by Ryan has helped me hugely to reach my fitness and weight to a steady level without excessive stress. He has targeted my routine very well for my capabilities and goals, i rate him and his ability a great deal. More...

25 September 2019

Ryan has been a very good trainer he’s very approachable patient and responsive to my progress and individual needs. He did a personal progress chart to record levels I reached. He worked to rehabilitate specific muscle areas and improved my stamina and overall fitness. Highly recommend Ryan’s skills & detailed training Linda More...

25 September 2019

I rate Ryan as an excellent p.t. who know just hard to push me within my boundaries. He is considerate to my physical disabilities and patient with my failures

25 September 2019

Ryan is a great personal coach. He pushes you just to the right limits and he is very committed to his work. I really enjoy working out with him.

3 December 2018

great trainer makes exercise fun and enjoyable helping to get the best results he can for you . Hes very enthusiastic and disciplined and pushes you to do your very best you can. The time he spent with me was great help and taught me loads highly recommend haveing a session and seeing what he can do for you. More...

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From the initial consultation we will conduct a diet and fitness assessment so that a bespoke plan can be made. The plan will come in 4, 8 and 12 week blocks, and we will keep you accountable every step of the way so we hit every goal.

There is no secret. It is very commonly known that adherance and consistency will produce results. Its creating the habit and learning the skills required to reach the end goal.

A generic answer: but seeing results really is so gratifying. It is not always someone losing a few pounds though. Very often the rehab work and seeing somebody be able to do a movement they once couldnt gives a rewarding feeling.

I believe the experience I have gathered from working in a gym environment has set me up to improve the service offered. My business expands much further than the 1 hour of training that is delivered in the bigger gyms and this is needed to keep clients accountable and on track to their goals.

The environment I have created is private and well equiped. So my clients are comfortable inside the studio and can work to the best of their ability without distraction, waiting for machines or getting embarrassed.


This programme is designed to decrease an individuals body fat.

This programme is designed to manipulate a persons weight to achieve their desired physique. The focus will be on body recomposition; losing body fat and gaining muscle mass.

This programme is designed to help an individual build muscle mass and/or improve tone.

Improve CV and muscular fitness to have better performance in sport or everyday life