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Offering consulting across all business areas. Specialisms including business planning, business process design, solution design, system/software design.


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I love helping people to solve problems that are holding them back, and seeing them and their projects flourish. I enjoy the diversity of challenges that have emerged over my many years of consulting and coaching.

I knew that needed to carve out my own path to have the freedom to explore what is possible and make an impsct on people’s lives and businesses.

I have over 20 years experience consulting for large organisations as well as working with startups. Also i have been involved in many social impact projects.


Looking at new or existing processes, to determine the most effective ways for the client

Designing and modelling for new or existing systems. The primary focus is on function and developing the system to do what it needs to do

Looking a problems or challenges from a strategy perspective. Here I can work with you to step back to look at the bigger picture and develop a high level solution. We can then optionally engage in more detailed solution design