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You may find this a surprise if you see me now, but I used to be very ill, both physically and emotionally. Then I discovered Reiki, which led me to become an Emotional Freedom Therapist and Trainer, Reiki Master, and Hypnotherapist, working almost exclusively online.


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4 September 2020

Excellent and empathetic. She knows her stuff very well. Calming effect and patience in abundance. Definitely worth hiring as she is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Thank you so much!

21 August 2020

Very calming and trusting nature. I have only had 2 sessions so far but can feel a real improvement in my wellbeing

Thank you so much. I am so glad :)

16 June 2020

I can't recommend New Age London enough. A warm welcome and personal service made all the difference to my therapy experience.

Thxnk you so much 🙏🏽

29 May 2020

I was a bit iffy about going to therapy until I was contacted by Suzanne. At first I didn’t think it would work, but when she explained about her technique, i was intrigued and I liked the fact that she worked with something that I believe in. I have had about 5 sessions and I can feel It helping me a lot, from my sleep getting better and feeling much lighter. I really connected with Suzanne and I definitely recommend her. More...

Thank you so much. I am delighted you fewl better 😊

22 November 2019

I've done the EFT level 1 and 2 and Reiki Level 1. These are very interesting and have helped me train to do different skills which I can use on other people as well as myself.

22 August 2019

Wonderful service.

9 July 2019

I attended Suzanne's EFT workshops and got qualified. Suzanne is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend

2 July 2019

I’ve been going to Suzanne for about 2 years for full body massages. I would highly recommend as she will adapt to your needs and gives a super massage.

30 June 2019

The healing and growth work I have done with New Age London has had a wonderful effect on many areas of my life - I have learned so much so quickly. So straight forward, so simple and nourishing for the mind-body-spirit-soul. Highly recommended! More...

4 May 2019

Thank you Suzanne..I came in yesterday like a brick with excessive neck and upper back pain which I'd been holding for the last 2 months. I woke up today free from pain and literally dancing around my lounge. You seriously have incredibly healing hands. x More...

29 March 2019

Have been coming regularly for at least two years and can never find anything to criticise but only to praise. Suzanne is calm, professional and empathic. She adapts her techniques to my own needs on that day. Am giving an extra review today as she was so kind and considerate when I called her to say I would be very late. She fitted me in when most other therapists would have told me something very different. Cannot recommend her too highly, and I enjoy the occasional comments she makes which are not intrusive but give me the feeling she sees me as a person. More...

23 November 2018

I had another amazing session with Suzanne, deep tissue massage and a foot massage!! I’m floating on air

30 September 2018

Zusanne is excellent. highly recommend.

23 August 2018

Suzanne Zacharia is excellent! I can't recommend her enough.

25 July 2018

Suzanne is doing a miracles with my back, I had 8 sessions and i enjoyed it, thank you

25 July 2018

Just had an AMAZING massage! Thank you so much, will be recommending you to friends & definitely be back.?

25 July 2018

had such a gorgeous massage! what a treat and the best massage I have had in years. highly recommend!

25 July 2018

Suzanne you are a wonder I always feel so much better after any treatment I have with you massages are a real treat. Thank you so much.

25 July 2018

By far the best massage I have ever had (and I have had many..!) And some real breakthroughs with the Tapping. Thanks Suzanne :)

25 July 2018

Excellent massage every time, Suzanne always adapts the massage to your needs leaving you feeling completely relaxed. Highly recommend.

2 July 2018


28 May 2018

Highly recommended for the body, mind and soul/spirit. I've been a client for over a year now and had various therapies like EFT, Reiki and different massages. Wonderful service that leaves you feeling great. More...

14 March 2018

Lovely lady, enjoyed the hypno session.. hoping it works and feel confident it did! :)

Thank you so much. Enjoy!

26 February 2018

Suzanne is a lovely and warm person whom made me feel very comfortable and helped me through my problems. She was very very flexible with payment and offered me a great deal to suit my needs. Thank you for helping me :)

18 August 2017

Suzanne is the best therapist I have been to she as so much knowledge of treatments ,ho w to help you and the best way forward

Thank you so much :) I am glad you are feeling the benefits :)

28 May 2017

Alyssa Kyria [ I give Five Stars ]
5 February 2017
"had such a gorgeous massage! what a treat and the best massage I have had in years. highly recommend!"

22 February 2017

Alyssa Kyria [ I give Five Stars ]
5 February 2017
"had such a gorgeous massage! what a treat and the best massage I have had in years. highly recommend!"

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Helping people achieve their freedom from physical and emotional pain. When a client no longer wants to see me or moves on to a maintenance plan, that is a very special moment, for I know that they have now been set free.

I was set free myself after a life-threatening illness which I suffered with for about 25 years. After the 10thyear, I worked in a company where I could just about manage to keep my job as a severely ill yet misdiagnosed person. Everyone there pushed me in the direction of Alternative and Complementary therapies. I fought them back, in the belief that only the medical model can possibly help.

One day, in desperation, I did ask for a phone number of a therapist which was recommended. That first visit not only reassured me of the safety and efficacy of a therapy which in those days was considered alternative, but it also opened my mind to trying out other therapies and alternative wellness methods. I had a severe lung condition. I have recently run my second half marathon.

Along the way, I started my own business, after learning a set of skills that can help mind, body, and spirit. I never intend to retire. My years of experience and skill are my gift to you. I feel that whatever is out there, I was spared, given a lucky beak. Now I gratefully give back.

I am thorough and want you to reach your full potential and optimal health. If you only want a temporary plaster or you do not really want to get better but want this technique or that, then please do not contact me. If you are willing to do whatever it takes, even if with a gentle start, I am there for you with all my skills and experience.

Your time and budget are of great importance, and everyone gets their own specialised treatment or maintenance plan that works for them.

Let's have a chat and see how we feel about working together.