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Get a free quote from this professional


Simple, supportive coaching that will help you improve your situation.

I mainly focus on:
- career change and career improvement,
- personal development,
- management/executive development.

If you want straightforward and clear coaching - that's focused on helping you find realistic, workable solutions to whatever issues you're facing - e mail me for a free initial consultation.

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18 January 2021

Neil is an excellent coach, I've been supported by him on and off for 6 years for both personal and professional situations. Neil is empathetic, has great patience and really listens without judgement. Through his coaching style I have been able to assess situations with greater clarity and make decisions that I would previously have hesitated over (or ignored!). I'd highly recommend Neil. More...

17 January 2021

Neil has supported me as my coach for almost 20 years and helped me enormously to progress my career across several areas. Throughout the greatest challenges in my life, be they personal or professional, I have reached out to Neil and he has, without fail, helped me to make sense of complex, stressful and emotionally demanding situations. Neil has an extraordinary ability to listen – I mean really listen, and he does so in a caring and understanding way, which in my experience is very rare. He will neither judge you nor be quick to respond with the latest executive coaching ‘line’ but will help you to unravel a cluttered mind and guide you to clarity and a more contented life. More...

16 January 2021

I started coaching with Neil in July 2020. I was at a point in my life where I really needed some direction. I had burnout & depression.
With help from Neil, in my case, fortnightly, I was soon able to get my thoughts into order & seek medical help for the depression. After a short break, I continued my fortnightly sessions & with Neil’s continued support I have, in turn, continued to progress towards my goals.
I am now having a monthly check in session with Neil & I have no hesitation in highly recommending him to anyone. Whatever your reasons for needing a coach, Neil is un-judgemental & phenomenal at getting the best out of you.


Helping people - it's as simple as that. I don't think there's anything else in life that's as fulfilling as knowing you've helped someone to improve their situation and be happier.

I had been employed full-time for over 20 years but realised I needed to go out on my own; I didn't want the 'daily grind' anymore and wanted (needed) to manage my own life and work.

I've often been described as 'warm and straightforward'; I'm a great listener and will ask you questions to help you think clearly through any situation.
You will gain hugely from coaching ......... expressing yourself freely, without judgement, but with support.......... it'll be liberating and constructive.

Currently, due to the Covid19 pandemic, I am only offering coaching online (via video calls - Facetime, Zoom etc).

To ensure we are all safe and healthy, I am only offering my coaching services online until further notice.


One to one coaching to help you think through your situation, gain clarity and work out what actions you need to take to improve your life/career.
(currently coaching online due to the Covid19 pandemic)