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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


At Naiquan Fitness we want to see people reach their goals and dreams. To us, health and fitness is for everyone. All ages, genders, health levels and physical abilities (you get the idea). Every one is an individual and needs to be treated that way.


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4 August 2020

Naiquan has been influential in my development of gaining knowledge and understanding on my journey to achieving my ideal body. He has given and guided me to the information of how to understand my anatomy n target muscle groups through a variety of exercises to achieve muscle growth! Also he has given me the nutritional aspect of fitness to further enhance muscle growth! This has become a life style for me and I am grateful as I have seen massive improvements in my body n mindset ;-) More...

Thank you so much Jerome!!! You've taken on so many new nutritional habits over the years that have now become part of your lifestyle. 😁You have great determination and always want to learn more from me. I'm really happy to have been a part of your journey towards a better body and better lifestyle!!!!

16 June 2020

I was seeking marathon preparation training plus some fat loss and improvements in strength.
I was also keen to avoid a previous ankle-related injury from reoccurring and wanted to continue with the balance training that had helped in the past.
Having chosen Jaroy as my personal trainer, he has been focussing on improving my running technique and strengthening my gluteus muscles.
He does push you hard but you do get great results.
I'm happy to say JaRoy’s training helped me both mentally physically compete in various marathons including the 2019 Great North run.
If you're looking for a personal trainer who has invested interest in your workouts, then you really need to check out his service.

Thank you got your glowing review of me Marcy!! You were a pleasure to work with. You did exactly what I asked of you. I’m so proud of you and the results you got in achieving the goal’s we set

12 June 2020

The best PT I’ve had! JaRoy really takes the time to create a training program with the best exercises and diet for your goal. I felt I personally wasn’t putting on weight no matter how much I ate. But JaRoy made some changes to my diet and, in combination with the exercises he’s given me, I have almost reached my goal weight whilst staying lean. He’s so friendly and is always ready to answer any questions you have about training or dieting. JaRoy constantly pushes me to reach the next goal in training as he genuinely wants you to win and succeed. More...

You are an absolute pleasure to work with Jack!! 😁 You followed the nutrition advice and did the hard work as instructed. You stayed consistent and reached your goals. Let's keep you going. I'm very proud of you with the hard work and determination you have showed.

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I work with each client to find out their goals and importantly why!! This will be used to hold them accountable as well as motivation to reach their goals. This is also good to use to create mini goals to help reach the larger goal.

There is no secret!! You make a plan with small steps compounded into habits that become part of your lifestyle. The body of your dreams will be the result of consistently following these habits and maintaining it. A personal trainer will keep you on track and hold your hand along the way.

I love seeing people win in life. Its a wonderful feeling when your client is smiling and happy from what they have achieved.

Working for myself means that I am accountable for every person who works with me. I helped alot of people reach their health and Fitness goals in my spare time and thought I should do It professionally as I enjoy it. I wanted to be my own boss so I could have more time for family and friends.

Clients have a personal trainer who is not just there to give them a quick session and leave. You have my time and education to help you whenever you need and answer all of your questions. You get someone who will continue to work with you after you reach your goals.



Consultation - This is where I find out out you and your goals. We find out all your physical attributes and use this as your starting point on your journey to your goals

This is also used to get specifications for your meal plans and Fitness Plans


We tailor meal plans to line up with your goals. Whether you are vegan or pescetarian we can accommodate your needs.

We tailor your fitness plans with mini goals to keep you on track towards your main goals.they are also tailored in order then to become part of your lifestyle.

This is a 1 hour session with me at your home or local park

You are able to book multiple sessions with me to guarantee the times you need.