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I have been a Primary teacher for seven years. I have taught a range of age groups and in a range of locations- Kenya, Italy, London and Scotland. I can, therefore, offer a range of tutoring services, drawing on all my prior knowledge and experience to make the lessons as engaging as possible.

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I love working with children. It is a great privilege to be involved in shaping their minds. I love sharing knowledge and helping to inspire them in whatever I am teaching, building on the creativity and imagination I use to write my stories.

To have the opportunity to pursue something that I love.

I will work as hard as I can to do the very best job that I can.

I am fully set up to provide the best services online and remotely.


I can offer tutoring services to any primary age covering all the basic syllabus.

I have trained as an Italian tutor and can offer Italian tutoring to primary aged children.

I am happy to share my stories (online at the moment) with Schools. I offer a bookmark for every child too.

I chat with adults or children about three of their favourite books and offer three of my own suggestions too. You get a free book from me to say thank you for taking part!

I have a selection of sweet and savory dishes which I love to share with children. We make a dish together and then they get a certificate from me to congratulate them for taking part.