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We teach, facilitate, train and certify individuals, coaches, therapists, and modern health professionals in revolutionary NEW integrated approach to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well being.

Based on a natural science that demonstrates precisely how our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are processed via the brain integrated and in communication with all organ tissues in the body.

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25 June 2019

When I arrived at the Meta Health Foundation Weekend training I was desperate to understand why the medical world failed me time and time again- there had to be something 'wrong' with me if my strange and varied symptoms weren't treatable. Attending the training with Rob and Jo was like coming home, their compassion and expertise, and complete conviction and passion for their work was welcoming and inspiring. I've since attended several training sessions (travelling from Australia and my home in NZ). Studying with the Meta Health Academy has given me a deep connection with my body that I trust above all else. Using the tools and information is a daily practice for me to help myself to deeply understand even complex illnesses that would usually have resulted in medication and medical intervention, and resolve them completely. I now understand that my body is not making mistakes, and there is nothing 'wrong' with me, only that I hold beliefs about myself and the world that create stress, limit me and hold me back from my whole and healthy self. My body had been communicating with me all this time to bring me back into alignment with my Self, asking to be truly loved and accepted- by me. The MHA training would not be possible without the dedication of its team to continuing to develop this state of the art advanced approach to health and healing, and I'm deeply grateful to have gained self-empowerment, belief in my ability to heal myself and a deep appreciation for the wisdom that connection with the body brings. I can't recommend all and any of the Meta Health Academy's offerings highly enough for those searching for answers and a way to put healing, health and personal power firmly back in your own hands. More...

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13 May 2019

Working with Robert gave me an invaluable insight into the theory of meta health and how that translates into my life and my health picture. It helped me understand in a lot of detail how and why we develop certain health symptoms and how I can work towards clearing patterns of beliefs that play into those symptoms. I learned a lot of theory about our brain and the links to different parts of the body and how trauma affects our overall health picture. I gained a huge insight into how medical professionals often treat symptoms not causes and how meta health seeks to adjust that balance. Robert has a deep level of understanding and insight into meta health and experience as a therapist from working with many of his own clients, which makes him a very engaging teacher, who is always on hand to explain things in detail or simplify any new concepts and relate it to our own experiences/health problems. I would highly recommend Robert as a teacher and therapist and I would recommend to anyone the intro to meta health course! More...

4 May 2019

Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare, in my opinion, is the platinum standard of the personal development industry. Never before have I felt so cared for or understood by a therapist.

Possessor of an unusual ability to cut through the inevitable obfuscations that plague clients, and get straight to the point in such a deft way that is both impressive and amazing. Robert is a natural who has set the bar very high for any other therapist to reach.

With his skills he is able to uncover root causes in a fraction of the time taken by most therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists, applying the methodologies he has personally developed from years of experience, to help his clients remove those same root causes, with the ability to heal and transform the mind, body and spirit.

I feel hugely privileged to have worked with Robert, both as his student and his client, he is a skilled master and an utter genius in his understanding of the human psyche. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


META-Health Academy Limited

Reply from META-Health Academy Limited

Thank you Jilly for your reccomendation. Only too pleased to have helped.

3 May 2019

I have known Rob Waghmere from the Meta-Health Academy Limited for many years. His knowledge of the human body, health, illness, well-being, psychology & therapy is outstanding.

He introduced me to EFT, Coaching, Meta-Heath, Kineseology & so much more!

Meta-Health is such a comprehensive system to help transform your whole life, including mind, body & spirit. Rob really has a knack of getting to the root causes of issues, which is always an amazing journey to explore.

META-Health Academy Limited

Reply from META-Health Academy Limited

Thank you Lynette. Glad to help and look forward to getting to the bottom of more root causes and facilitating you clear them!

8 January 2019

I’ve met Robert and Jilly during my Holiday on the Canary island Fuerteventura. The way they interact with themselves, each other and me in a, spiritual, lovingly, motivating way moved me, made me think a lot and changed my vision. I do believe we’ve met each other for a reason. To grow, share and get more consciousness. Robert and Jilly were both like a catalyst for me to get new insights. They’ve made me realize even more that the answers to all questions and any symptoms are within us, which is fascinating. The things they’ve told me about the META-Health Academy and their experience in life created more awareness for me. In a few weeks I will join the META-Health Foundation Weekend to get more insights, joy and fulfillment. Really looking forward. More...

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8 November 2018

Totally new way of looking at health and disease - its opened my eyes to how I treat people as a sports MT. Its fascinating to see what people have come- & are going- through and how it's affected them and their lives and how meta-kinetics reveals that. Tutors are full of knowledge and are truly passionate about it. This is just the beginning!! More...

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4 November 2018

From Ann Bruen Acupuncture: As a therapist practicing for twenty years in Acupuncture, Homeopathy and with a background in Pharmacy, I chose to study Meta-kinetics this year. Since introducing meta health kinetics in to my practice, clients are reporting significant and lasting symptom relief. MK can bypass the conscious mind and access hidden and limiting beliefs. Truly the future for healing! More...

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3 November 2018

I very much enjoyed the meta-kinetics practitioner course, as it was exciting , fun and expanded my scope on medicine and health in general. I am thrilled about how meta-kinetics deepens and fastens my medical enquiry - every session is amazing, and both clients and myself are very surprised and excited about the precision of the method. Can't wait to learn even more! Aselya, MD, Denmark More...

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31 October 2018

Meta-Kinetics Practitioner is a training course like no other. With Rob & Tremayne guiding us it feels as though anybody can elicit the root cause of a client’s symptoms in minutes rather than months.

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28 October 2018

I have worked with Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare on 2 occasions now and his commitment to changing the way we view health makes for a powerful training. Full of passion, case studies and examples that answer many of the unanswered questions from 30 years of working as a physio and holistic practitioner. As I have discovered from designing and marketing the Buttafly it takes courage and a lot of work to present new ideas... Sir Ken Robinson said "If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original." The anecdotal evidence to support META-Health in itself suggests these ideas are not only far from being wrong but indeed position META-Health as surely the health model of the NOW and the sooner we start engaging with it the sooner we can heal from the roots of the roots of the roots! Bravo Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare and team, I will be back for more. More...

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7 September 2018

What a fantastic couple of days training in EFT Level 2. This course was ideal to revisit my EFT personal and client practise, and to top up on CPD with a mixed group of newbies and experienced practitioners. From learning to relieve physical pain and symptoms to reframing limiting beliefs, tackling deeper rooted issues and traumas which naturally affect energy, mood and actions - it's been informative, fun, and an explorative and transformative weekend. Literally HEALING at our fingertips! I look forward to taking these new insights and Aha moments into my practise with clients, family and friends - Thanks Robert Sefton Jai Waghmare for an exceptional EFT training weekend. More...

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2 September 2018

great seminars,great depth and structure, highly recommended, delivered by great coaches with a depth of experience and knowledge

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19 July 2018

What can I say about The META-Health Foundation Weekend? Just “WOW” What a truly life changing weekend of learning precisely how the mind, body and psyche are totally connected. Add to that a clear understanding of the organ symptoms that go along with the precise area within the brain. From minor skin issues to cancer, this course has covered virtually every question I have ever had about the body, why it does, what it does, and when it does it. All of this information was delivered in an easy to understand format along with warmth, friendliness and caring. Robert exudes a rare warmth and enthusiasm both for his Students and course material. He is engaging and gently challenging which creates many ‘aha’ moments. He communicates information exceptionally clearly and efficiently. A super amazing guy who is clearly a genius in his field. As a person presenting with Rheumatoid Arthritis, It is such a relief to both realise and understand that my body is not making any mistakes. So, If my body is not making mistakes then I can let go of the fear of my symptoms right? Right. I have always had an interest in the body and mind but I had a very kickass reaction to my GP and Consultant when they told me my Rheumatoid arthritis was incurable and if I did not take their drugs I would be in a wheelchair in 10 years time. They had no explanation as to its cause or its resolution. This weekend has given me the true reasons for its cause and why my body is doing what it is doing. It has also given me an answer to questions I already knew deep inside of me, with the biggest one being to not just accept what my Doctor was telling me as the ‘truth.’ I have given so much authority to the medical profession over the years when all the time there was a nagging little voice inside of me. Actually this voice was not so little at all, it was my own ‘knowing’ on a deep level that there had to be a reason for what was happening inside my body. So, realising that I have created this body reaction, and understanding the reasons why that reaction is there, I can now with help uncreate what has been happening over the last 12 years. This course is like finding GOLD. Thank you. More...

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Facilitating people to expand their self and health awareness, consciousness. Support the process of surfacing, identifying and clearing subconscious limitations, self realisation > self healing ❤️‍? > self actualisation

This is achieved through a unique set of methodologies synthesising education, coaching, consultancy and different therapeutic modalities

How would it be to be able to more comprehensively understand the precise relationship between your thoughts, feelings and physiology and resolve systemic health issues such that you experience a complete transformation and expansion in your reality experience of life while functioning with greater ease peace, joy and a greater sense of success?

Between 1997-2003 I was working in industry as business analyst and solutions consultant but was suffering from a number of different health conditions.

These Included digestive dis-ease, asthma, chronic bronchitis, anxiety and depression.

After years of experimentation with many different modalities I became aware that the main source of my issues were stress related but was dissaponted to find there were no specfic causal explanations or solutions that were meaningful to me.

So having had a very deep training in systems thinking and research I began to look for bio-psycho-social models that could help me determine root causes of my health issues in 2005 I found META-Medicine and have become one of the leading developers and master trainers of this field delivering training both nationally and internationally.

I have a kind, open, non judgmental approach. I have an ability to help clients to get to the core of their issues quickly and resolve them.

I offer a unique innovative approach that integrates aspects of Counseling, coaching and various transformative therapies, but critically goes beyond coaching and therapeutic approaches.

I have developed a unique methodology that comprehensively maps traumatic memories, limiting beliefs and conflicting value systems meaning the scoping and detailing of future work can be completed upfront.

For a client that means there is estimate of the scope of work would required to resolve an issue.

I can provide initial consultation META-Health Awareness and META-Health Discovery session online. For complex situations some in person facilitation is required.


This service us suitable for those who have reveived no education or taining in META-Health.

In this 30-45 min session, we will focus on a specific area of concern for you this may be an emotional, behavioural or even physical health challenge.

The goals of the META-Health Awareness session are:

1. To facilitate create the awareness for the specific root causes of your particular health challenge.
2. Educate you regarding the precise intelligent and meaningful process of any mind-body discomfort you may be experiencing.
3. Empower you to recognise how your challenge is unconsciously created andself maintained.
4. Discuss potential solution pathways for resolution of the challenge
5. Provide the platform for the META-Health Discovery Session

Discover which unconscious stressors create your specific mental emotional behaviourial and physical health issues also learn how and why they all realted to one another.

Learn how they drive the subconscious barriers to achieving your most important goals in life.

Begin the process of transformation The META-Health Coaching Discovery Session is a totally unique, personally tailored service that involves an open and structured conversation regarding your thoughts and feelings (perceptions) about your goals, barriers and unconscious behaviour and physically related health issues and how they are impacting your life.

In this introductory session we will explore your current goals in life, current health (mental, emotional, behaviour and physical) challenges and discover what internal barriers are preventing you from achieving the life, relationships, health and career or retirement that you truly desire.

This session is personaable and self-reflexive and enables you to recover the hidden and often blocking (subconscious) thoughts and feelings contributing to or creating barriers to progress in your health, life, career, relationships or personal development.

As a result, this session will help you to identify many of the core self-limiting beliefs and identifications, emotions, memories (traumas) and internal conflicts that are preventing you from creating the progress, success, happiness and well being that you desire and that (with a some facilitation) are capable of creating!

After this session is completed you will be provided with a written transcript (returned by email) capturing the most important aspects surfaced in the session which will provide you with a basis for deciding how to proceed with overcoming blockages and achieving your goals.

Overall this session provides a platform or framework for furthering any META-Health education, coaching or further advanced therapeutic endeavours.

META-Kinetics Comprehensive META-Health Scan (Advacned Cyberkinetic applications of META-Health using advanced analogue kinesiology)

This session will enable you to develop a precise and practical overview of the 'stress' based perceptions (stressors) that are impacting your thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviours casuing stress and symptoms in life, relationships and career.

We will work together to determine your number one priority (Modality) for self-healing and evolution, and release unconscious stress from its source!

This session will be facilitated by using META-Kinetics a very advanced system of Kinesiology to gather previously unavailable information such as your biggest unconscious stressors, associated memories, unprocessed traumatic events, conditioned behaviours and emergent health challenges (mental, emotional, behaviourial and physical health issues.)

We will also start the process of uncovering the core beliefs, values motivational conflicts and behaviours involved with maintaining your symptom patternsThis information can then be used to form the basis of a META-Health Coaching Therapy plan and other transformation work.

Please be aware that this session will reveal subconsciously repressed information that you were previously unaware of.

The result of this can be cathartic (emotional) and result in great insights, expanded awareness and changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviour but also symptom patterns associated with psycho-energetic release.

Because of the deep nature of this session completion of the META-Health Discovery Session and attendance of META-Health Foundation weekend is a pre-requisite to purchase this session.

Dreaming of a New life or career?

We all do. But most of us lack a structured way to reinvent ourselves, even when changing workplace business models are making professional and personal life more challenging than ever.

Book this session to start the process of replacing career uncertainty with career confidence by using the single page blueprint that's helped thousands of people across the world reinvent their career .