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I've been working in the fitness industry for the past 15 years, since I was 20 years old. Over that time I have managed to work with many people varying from athletes in strength and conditioning to GP referrals for obesity and diabetes.

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24 October 2021

Personal Trainers

This service is brilliant and is exactly what I was looking for. Greg has a mass arrange of knowledge and has already helped me massively. The best remote, online service I has been fortunate to use and I'm really looking forward to continuing to use it under Greg's coaching. More...

11 June 2021

Greg has been my PT for about 8 years now. I generally have had about 4 PT sessions with him a month during this time with break some periods of extended breaks for personal reasons. I have always found Greg to be highly professional and knowledgeable about his craft. Greg creates safe and effective exercise programmes with realistic goals in line with my fitness level and health history. More...

7 June 2021

I met Greg a couple of years back which started with a free session only. My initial thoughts were that I would train for three months and then go off and do it by myself however the progress I was seeing meant I carried on training with Greg as I was enjoying the progress and was feeling stronger.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I took a break during the lockdown which meant no personal training sessions with Greg for an entire year. I soon started seeing all the work being undone and I immediately arranged for my weekly sessions with Greg. It took me the lockdown to truly realise the importance of a personal trainer and their guidance. Greg is helping me find my strength back. I plan to continue to train with Greg as health becomes even more important than ever before.

I would highly recommend Greg as a PT!

6 June 2021

Greg was recommended to me when I was 14 weeks pregnant. He was helping me to deal with my extra weight (+26.7 kg), posture and prepare my body after birth to get to my original weight/shape.

Each workout was tailored to me and my overall strength and fitness improved in a short space of time and he tried to keep it during the pregnancy.

I have learnt so much about my body and really looking forward to get back to him after I give birth.

I have had several personal trainers so far and I can say that Greg has been so far the best. He is an enthusiastic, funny, knowledgeable, committed and dedicated person.
I would always recommend him :)

2 June 2021

Initially, I was only going to train with Greg for three months.... I’m still training with him nearly five years later to me, that speaks volumes and, tells you all you need to know about him as a personal trainer.

I started training with Greg in November 2016 with a starting weight of 17 stone 10lbs. By December 2017 I weighed in at 11 stone 10lbs a total weight loss of 6 stone. With his help I’ve maintained the weight loss, gained a better understanding and greater knowledge of nutrition and fitness and discovered a love for weightlifting, strongman type exercises to name but a few.

More recently he was on hand throughout lockdown due to Covid-19 with his online coaching platform helping me maintain my strength and keeping me sane at the same time!!

He makes getting fit and healthier fun, It never seems like a chore and he’s always there pushing and encouraging you that little bit further each session and I’ll always be grateful to him for changing my life for the better not just physically but mentally too.

2 June 2021

After my previous Personal Trainer left in 2014 , I chose Greg to replace him. His training has been substantially beneficial. Now, years of back trouble has led to my lower back being locked into position, and its muscles being atrophied. Earlier Personal Trainers and physios had contributed to bettering the situation, and Greg followed on from this by making it his task to ‘free my hips’, which he proceeded to do by some clever exercises. The result has been to much improve both my gait – which was very short - and my stance. My back feels six inches longer, and adopting a neutral back is much easier.
More than most trainers, he tries to keep up to speed with current developments in sports science, and he is good on biophysics; his training tends therefore to be accurately directed to a problem. He is very up-to-date on diet questions.


1 June 2021

I've been a client for a couple of years now, and have been able to progress trough each of the programs. I started seeing Greg when I was 40, and I am now stronger, faster, and fitter than I've ever been. The weekly sessions not only benefit me in terms of Greg's knowledge and experience in training athletes, but are also a great motivator in keeping me accountable and motivated to stick with the program.

If you want to train from home, while at the same time benefiting from expert coaching, then this is the way to do it.


There is no real secret. To achieve the best possible results with your physique you have to be both consistent and patient. Using a properly structured program that evolves with the customer from one phase of training to the next, and being properly coached in exercise and diet will help you do this and make sure you are not wasting your time and effort.

I love the satisfaction of clients starting to realise that they are moving towards their goals, helping them to a place they didn't believe they could get to at first. I also love teaching, coaching and consulting on a topic that I'm passionate about.

I always wanted to run my own business, I love being my own boss and the freedom that it brings so that I can go about my work they way I want to.

Yes the Mercian Strength Club provides a service specifically for remote/online training which we provide for our clients. The feedback has been great, with clients telling us it is great to be able to go through a full weeks worth of a program week upon week and for keeping them accountable / motivated.


Evolve your training to maximise gains and achieve long term progression from utilising scientific and evidence based programs. The best results tend to stem from setting up a long term training cycle that has clear objectives from one phase to another that ultimately leads to greater efficiency and results.

Stay on track by checking off workouts and other metrics that support your ongoing goals. With weekly video check-in calls we can make the changes necessary as we progress and address any problems as they arise so that they don't derail your progress.

A mixture of mindset towards eating and a convenient way to track what you eat. Keep away from fad diets and unhealthy thinking towards food.

If you feel a certain lift or exercise isn't quite right we can address this through a video of yourself and our weekly check-in calls. Using zoom's share screen feature we can go through your exercises together where I can point out where you can improve your technique.

Consultation of setting up your own home gym and how to adapt the program for best possible results. (if needed) You can obviously take your program to a gym that you are a member of.

Programming for general strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, weight loss and sports performance. Completely customisable and tailored to your specific goals, ability and level of fitness. A unique program to achieve greater strength a greater physique or greater performance. See below for individual programs, they are designed to be be run together over a longer training cycle.