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As a Chartered Architectural design-led studio we are wholly interested in the realisation of architecture, responding to our client's briefs, needs and lifestyles, and the latent possibilities inherent in each project. If you would like to contact us please visit our website for our details.

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16 January 2021

Cannot recommend enough, had excellent planning and building warrant knowledge, went above and beyond and was extremely helpful throughout


It needs to be attached to the main house and needs to have enough height to install a complaint ceiling level

Most people don't realise that they still need to get a letter of consent from their local authority as they are modifying the front of their house, although it is under permitted development due diligence must be done by a professional. Then a building warrant application must be made which is evidence that the proposal is being converted within current building regulations.

The most important thing to check is if you have enough head height.

The first stage is a measured survey of the existing property to determine can an extra flight of stairs be fitted comfortably either directly over the existing stairs or do they need to be located elsewhere. Sometimes a dormer needs to be installed depending on your existing roof design, this could mean a planning application. Following these stages, a building warrant needs to submitted ensuring all building regulations are addressed including fire regulations.

I have worked for some of the largest global companies designing and delivering sought-after spaces, however, nothing beats face-to-face private clients and understanding that to them their project is the biggest building project they are most likely to undertake.

Many things and many factors, someone once said to me you'll know when your time is up building someone else empire as an employee and you'll know it's time to start building your own.

We don't have designer egos.
Most of our clients know what they want and employ us to deliver it. We do of course make suggestions along the way which the clients can take or leave. We also have the experience and can turn on the Grand Design flare, when and only when we have the freedom to by the client.
We also have degrees in interior architecture which many do not, so not only do we design the external structure we understand the science of modern family living.

Yes, of course, a lot of our clients request this - we can connect via Zoom, Teams Slack Instagram, and online virtual meetings.

We offer an online initial consultation, with the use of Google maps a couple of pictures from the potential client, and our extensive domestic experience we can offer the initial stages virtually and remotely.


We are Chartered and Fully insured to carry out all architectural work on your property. There are many unqualified technicians pitching for work on here that have no design experience and no insurance and cant deliver projects or manage contract administration, do your due diligence by asking the 2 Golden questions A - Are you Chartered, and B - Do you have Professional Indemnity Insurance. If they have great, if not use us!!