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Northampton, England

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I am an excellent all rounder CGI Artist, Visualization Artist, 3D Generalist as well as a complete digital artist with a keen and artistic eye for details and over 20 years of experience.

I have also a strong solid experience in colour correction and colour grading.

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I love the ability to create things that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Giving the clients what they had in their mind in the form the like the most.

When I was very young I watched the first movies where CGI was used, like Tron, Jurassic Park and so forth. Before that I was amazed by the CG demos running on the computer that made me fall in love with the kind of art I am now a professional in, the Commodore Amiga, which I have also used to produce some works back in the days.

Because I am passionate about my work. It is not just a job to me, in fact it is something I have chosen and not the other way around.
I made lots of sacrifices in my life in order to do what I love to do for a living and not just accept whatever life was going to throw at me.


I am an excellent all rounder 3D Artist with a very keen and artistic eye for details. I'm capable of producing complex 3D models, both organic (characters, animals, monsters...) and not organic (environments, props, mechanical...). I am a good character animator too, and I've got a good knowledge of mid level rigging and setup techniques.
My own artistic skills allow me to be an excellent texture artist and digital painter: I've no problems with human anatomy and proportions, colors, shading and lighting. My problem solving skills make me able to be very useful whatever the work has been assigned. I feel comfortable in both technical and artistic branches of computer graphic field.

I have been working in the computergraphics field for decades, during which I had the chance to use Photoshop to produce highly professional works: photo retouches, digital paintings, illustrations, texture maps for 3D projects, still images, compositing and so forth.

In London I had the chance to work for one of the best photographers, Mario Testino, in his studio, producing high end photo retouches for the fashion and beauty industry.

I have been using Photoshop since version 2, when the software didn't even have a layers system, and whoever uses Photoshop knows what I am talking about.

3D is the natural extension of my artistic skills.
I started doing 3D graphics back in 1995 with Lightwave on the Amiga computer.
From there on I have never dropped this side of computergraphics and today I am using one of the most powerful softwares, the one which is considered the industry standard in VFX: Autodesk Maya.
As a generalist, and a pioneer in this field, I am able to work as a modeller, animator, lighting artist, texture artist, and I can do dynamic simulations, photorealistic renders as well as stylized ones.
I am a Mental Ray expert and I know how to work with a renderfarm.
I feel comfortable in both artistic and technical sides of this field.

Digital artist with a keen and artistic eye for details.

I have decades of experience in photo retouching at very high standards, a strong solid experience in colour correction and colour grading.

My artistic skills also allow me to be an excellent texture artist and digital painter.

As a 3D Artist Generalist I am able to animate properly and at a very good standard: character animation, fly through, logo animations, mechanical animation and so forth.

The years I have spent in Jaguar Land Rover Visualization department helped me by acquiring all the high level skills necessary to tackle any product visualization and animation, using my full potential when it comes to look development, lighting and rendering, plus more.
Wether it be Automotive, branding, or any product presentation, I can get it done at the highest standard possible.