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Whether you are a parent concerned about your child’s Maths or even a mature student re-doing your GCSE's to pursue a different career path, we are here to help!

All sessions are online and custom made, tailored to the student no matter their age and ability.

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17 customer reviews

30 May 2022

Tyrell has been working with our son for the build up to his GCSEs and we cannot thank him enough. Tyrell is patient, humorous, down-to-earth and simply brilliant. He is so good in the way in which he teaches that I even booked a Maths refresher session for my own confidence. Highly recommend. More...

29 May 2022

Tyrell has been amazing to our son, his approach to teaching exceptionally fits in with our sons' learning style. We have recommended Tyrell to some of our family and friends because he is very good.

29 May 2022

My son looks forward to his maths sessions with Tyrell. Tyrell makes the maths work engaging and fun. He is also very encouraging and pushes him to reach the next milestone. They also have a great rapport, which is an important motivator for learning.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Tyrell.

24 May 2022

Tyrell is an amazing tutor, my daughter made a fantastic progress with Tyrell and love to work with him.
Thank you for your support and help.

24 May 2022

Absolutely amazing tuition with an absolute amazing tutor.
I will hardly recommend.
My daughter loves it, she made an amazing progress.
Thank you

23 May 2022

Tyrell has been really great with my son. My son gets really shy and very quiet and Tryell has been so patient and hasn't given up on him. Tyrell has worked around my son's shyness by making it fun, playing games and getting my son more involved. My son is far more confident with his maths now and more confident working with others. We highly recommend Tryell. More...

22 May 2022

Tommy absolutely LOVES his maths lesson with Tyrell. Tyrell’s lessons are student focused, engaging, educational and fun. He has a great communication style which is key to learning. Thoroughly recommend. More...

22 May 2022

My son has been working with Tyrell for some time now and I am happy with his progress. My son finds Tyrell relatable, approachable and fun to work with. His confidence has grown in maths and he no longer dreads the lessons. I would recommend Tyrell without reservation. More...

22 May 2022

Prior to working with Tyrell, my son lacked confidence with his mathematical abilities. Since Tyrell started to work with him, his grades have increased by two levels and he now feels ready to tackle the GCSE papers. Tyrell is able to explain the process of each question in a relatable way so that it makes sense and sticks. For the first time, he feels confident and is able to work independently. Thanks Tyrell! More...

22 May 2022

Tyrell has been a breath of fresh air for my son and his learning. Having had his first few years of secondary school disrupted by Covid, my son began struggling with Math. He wasn’t keen on having a personal tutor but reluctantly agreed to give it a try. Needless to say my son left his first session smiling, saying he really likes Tyrell. He has learnt so much having 1:1 sessions with Tyrell, his Math has improved and he has a new found confidence. Tyrell’s communication is excellent, he keeps me up to date with what they are working on and how my son is progressing. Tyrell has been flexible, professional and has been able to build a good relationship with my son. More...

22 May 2022

We have been working with Matter of Maths for almost a year. Our daughter, who is currently sitting GCSE’s, was really struggling with all concepts of mathematics. Tyrell, has turned that around, our daughter now has a love for maths, she has gained so much knowledge and confidence and now feels ready to sit her maths GCSE. Tyrell plans and assesses the sequences of lessons that’s she has been taught, picking up on areas of difficulty. He has done this in a kind, calm and methodical manner which has made all the difference. Our daughter has even used her new knowledge in other subject exams which has been great to see. We would wholeheartedly recommend Matter of Maths, great approach, great rapport with students and good value. Thank you Tyrell! More...

22 May 2022

Tyrell has been tutoring both my children for around a year now. He is absolutely fantastic with them. He engages with them over Zoom and makes the sessions as fun as possible which can’t be easy when it’s not face to face !

Both children are so much more confident in their abilities and know if they have a problem they can have it explained one to one without feeling embarrassed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tyrell and am so glad he’s helping our children on their maths journey!

22 May 2022

My sister (who is in year 5) has been having sessions with Tyrell for over a year now and her results at school have improved so much! We have 1x1hour session per week and Alicja is always looking forward to it. Tyrell has a great way of keeping her from getting distracted which is something that we have been worried about when looking into online sessions! Would 100% recommend to everyone! More...

22 May 2022

I have been really impressed with Tyrell who has been teaching my sister for the past 12 months. Sessions are well organised with home worksheets sent out each week to find what my sister struggles and excels in.

I would definitely recommend Tyrell to anyone looking for help with their Maths!

18 May 2022

Tyrell has just spent the last few months tutoring my daughter helping her towards her GCSEs . he’s been an absolute star made everything very clear and understanding my daughters learnt a lot. He’s communication every week has been brilliant . filling me in on what she has learnt and his been setting tasks every week to challenge her. I would highly recommend him. His prices are a very good and reasonable and also provides packages which has been great for us. Thank you Tyrell More...

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11 May 2022

Robert tutored my daughter before her Nat 5 exam and we would highly recommend! He was very patient and very understanding of the level she was at. Her confidence and maths knowledge were much improved by the time she took her exam! Thanks again Robert! More...

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26 January 2022

Would 100% recommend. The improvement my son has shown since using Matter of maths tuition is clear to see and he loves the sessions!

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Maths is arguably one of the most difficult subjects which can really damage students confidence. We love being able to simplify Maths to make topics less intimidating.

Seeing students grow in confidence and progress academically is amazing to see. We love to see students reach their potential and carry their confidence into other subjects and everyday life!

The typical school classroom consists of 30 students, often sorted into ability sets or mixed ability classes. No matter how classes are arranged, it can be difficult for students to have the courage to ask the teacher for help.

One-to-one tuition gives students the direct attention they do not get in class with lessons tailored to their personal ability and speed. The goal is to be able to provide all people with the support they need to succeed in Maths.

We are passionate about giving people of all ages the environment they need to excel in Maths. It’s important to understand that everyone can succeed in Maths and it is this positive attitude that drives our students to success.

Having taught students from Primary to Secondary, including mature students, we have the knowledge and understanding to support everyone and anyone in their Maths journey.

Yes. All our sessions take place on zoom where we use a live pen to illustrate working to keep sessions interactive. We also use a new software which allows students to write on our screen as a shared workspace. This is used for specific topics such as sketching graphs so we can visualise students work.

We have adapted to full online sessions and have kept up to date with the latest software to keep sessions interactive and beneficial. You could argue that our online sessions are better than ever!


A FREE 30 minute taster session based on a topic of your choice.

This gives you an idea of how sessions work and our overall methods of teaching.

A 60 minute session based on a topic of our choice.

We would recommend a 1 hour session if you would like specific guidance on a topic in the build up to an assessment.

5 Hours worth of sessions based on topics of your choice.

Our current students often divide this into 1 hour sessions across 5 weeks.

We would recommend the 5 hour package to students looking for help on a range of topics for an upcoming assessment.

10 Hours worth of sessions based on topics of your choice.

Our current students often divide this into 1 hour sessions across 10 weeks or 2x 1 Hour Sessions per week across 5 weeks.

We would recommend the 10 hour package to students looking for help across a longer period of time.