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Have you considered how important a QR scan code is on your print request ?

Imagine the opportunities when you connect paper to the Smartphone !

Video, Direct Payment , Photos, Social media share

Look at a professional editable QR code before you print

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17 hour response time


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Explaining that printing this way not only future proofs your projects abut allows you to change projects on the fly AFTER the print job.
Its a revolution.

A small business operator for 40 years, I wanted to help small business in the titanic battle to profit and survival using expertise distributed through a global Partner programme

When out clients have an idea rattling around in their head, or an idea that isn't clear or even a problem when they are up against the wall.
We listen, we look and we grasp the problems and the simple and affordable solutions we offer in a changing society.

As a Global group of Partners we operate remotely, share information and ideas on a platform called SLACK and service our clients online with close action and support using Google MEET , CHAT, email, What's APP, Pro Telephony.
We manage our clients projects predominantly through Ayao, Xero, Capsule CRM and Smart form page integration

We were one of the first companies to offer contactless tracing.
We operate 100% remotely and always will.


The combination of Professional QR that can be changed AFTER a print run
That has a brilliant SCAN reporting system
Connected to PRO landing pages is a revolutionary change for PRINT runs with a Smartphone first approach

A PRO landing page connected to a SMART QR is brilliant for the Smartphone journey off a printed medium.

Maltix build beautiful bespoke industry specific landing pages within an affordable QR subscription fee.

From the Landing page you can link to VIDEO, Infomercials, Social Media, Coupons, Vouchers, Brochures, Central booking, Calendly, APP, Website, Ecommerce store, V cards, live PDF , EVENT, Radio station, Explainer cartoon, Geo location and more!

Clever Smart Form pages connected to subscription QR and landing pages on printed material are a powerful way to manage and automate incoming data.

Automatically collect all volunteered client data.
Automate to a CRM and Newsletter system.
Take payments for goods and services
Take signature authorisation
Pretty much ANY business problem or labour based admin can be dealt with off a printed QR code right onto the Smartphone.
Your clients expect it of you

There is an utter revolution about to take place for small business.
Business is experiencing stratospheric growth on the smartphone.
For any small business with a Smartphone first approach to business the opportunities are boundless and perfect for controlling variable costs.
No APP store required. Cheap compared to websites. Has all the tools to delight your Smartphone customers.
Perfect for connecting, automating, communicating and especially connecting to Smart QR and landing pages on Print jobs

Telephones are over.
Even Panasonic telephones have gone out of business.
APP based, cheap to run, any question you have can be answered with a resounding yes.

Click to call from within your CRM
We refer clients directly to their brilliant systems.