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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Tired of settling for less of a life than you deserve? Ready to invest in the support you need to achieve the results you want? If yes, then you're in the right place. I work with high achievers who know that it takes strength to seek
support with achieving your goals sustainably.


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6 September 2020

I loved working with Bolutiwi and was always looking forward to our sessions! She has such a joy of life and really helps you bring yourself back to the center of your life and ask yourself the right questions! I can clearly see the ‘before and after’. Thank you so much! More...

It was a pleasure working with you Oxana. Loved witnessing your transformation. You did the work. Welldone!

8 August 2020

within the first five mins all of my questions were listed. I gained a lot of useful information that I will apply to my practice.

30 July 2020

We had a retreat with magniessence early this year it was so good that I started making plans for next year's retreat . The company delivered on everything they promised and Bolu really listens and that is one thing I really like about her. More...

Thanks Nonye. It was a pleasure having you at our retreat and a delight to see the action you already made as a result of the insight you gained! Welldone 👌🏾.

24 July 2020

My relationship with Magniessence began 3 years ago and is still ongoing because I am very satisfied with their services. They provide top notch professional services to their clients. More...

23 July 2020

I give 5 out of 5 to Magniessence. Their seminar /Retreat I would highly recommend for every woman that wants to expand her coast with regards to physical, mental, emotion wellbeing and spiritual growth. One of the best investment I have personally made into my life is attending Magniessence retreat! Thank you Botiwi Aiyesinmoju and Susan Oyemade for your high endeavours to empower women in holistic way. More...

Thanks Aisha. Your contribution made the retreat extra special. Keep up the great work on yourself.

23 July 2020

Working with Bolutiwi was the best decision I have ever made when it comes to personal development. She helped me reveal my whole potential, by making me understand me. A true professional, gentle yet driven. Her mission is to empower people, by unlocking their potential. Highly recommended! More...

Samira, thank you very much for being such an amazing client. It was such a pleasure. Keep revealing your magnificence.

23 July 2020

I have had coaching sessions with Bolu and especially on 2 five day retreats. Her style of coaching of empowering her clients to arrive at the answers to their questions is empowering. She got me talking about a painful childhood experience which had been difficult to discuss up until then. Thank you very much Bolu for all you do. Looking forward to more eye opening exchanges with you in the near future. More...

Many thanks for your courageous participation. You are one of those who take actions and gets result! Very well done to you. I loved our exchanges. You dug deep to soar even higher...

23 July 2020

From my very first session with Bolutiwi, i felt relieved and a deep sense of knowing that i was in good hands. I found Bolutiwi to be clear, fully present to my cause, percise, professional yet very open and reliable. She knew what she was doing. Each session with her felt like achieving little milestones, so many "aha" moments.

Experiencing her unique process has brought me to the clarity i needed to create the velocity required for transformation to take place. She is a beautiful, kind, warm person and i am so grateful to have her as my coach. I highly recommend her.

Soniyaa, all I can say is that it was my pleasure and honor to be a part of your journey.

22 July 2020

Bolutiwi is a fabulous coach, who works from the heart and gets results.
She assisted me to dig deep into myself to confront issues that I didn’t even know existed.
I highly recommend her for anyone that is looking for clarity and support on their journey for transformation

Thank you so much. You chose to change and did the work, So proud of you!

22 July 2020

I highly recommend Bolutiwi as a coach. She’s a great woman, a skilled partner and an exceptional human being. It is a great pleasure to improve and to grow as a person with such a professional and lovely coach!

Thank you, Manuela. You were amazing to work with. Such a pleasure witnessing your evolution.


Creating a space for aha moments and seeing my clients transform their lives.

I wanted to do what I loved and I wanted more time and financial freedom. Being an entrepreneur was an opportunity to do both. I seized it.

I help my client gain the insight and clarity required for sustainable change. With me, clients have someone who will challenge them enough to move out of their comfort zone and support them through the transition whilst keeping their desired results in mind.


I create retreats where women reconnect with themselves and rejuvenate from within as they let go of old emotional and mental baggage.