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I help women reach their fitness goals and give them the tools they need to live a happy, health and well-balanced life.
First 10 clients to sign on will receive discounted coaching for the first 4 months!

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22 October 2020

Mac has really helped me fall back in love with my fitness again! Her plans are amazing, keep me so on track I’m finding myself excited to start the next weeks, loveliest girl aswell always there for a message and checking in with me. Definitely recommend


I love that I can help people reach their desired body goals, as well as helping them love training and looking after their mental and physical health.

My own Online Coach inspired me to take this career path, because I had a very negative relationship with my body. My coach not only helped me reach my fitness goals, but they also taught how to love and appreciate the body that I am. I learnt to work with my body, not against it.

I want to take on clients who may be in the same relationship with their body as I was, and then give them the tools and education they need in order to completely change their lifestyle and the way they view themselves for the better.


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