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I pride myself on giving support and understanding to women who are going through a trauma, or a life event that changes their life and turns it on its head. My job is to help them gain clarity and understanding to enable them to build a new life.

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27 May 2016

Penny is a brilliant coach and helps her clients to make significant changes to their lives. Both in group and individual coaching she is friendly and empathetic whilst challenging positively and firmly where necessary. The most important thing to know is that all this helps her clients make changes that really improve their lives. I've known, worked with and experienced Penny's coaching for over 2 years now and highly recommend her. More...

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What do I love about my job! Is I love it with a passion that goes deep within me. I want to help you to reach a point in your life that you fully love and approve of yourself.
Also the results and benefits that coaching has on your present life. Some of my clients have made some amazing changes that they didn't feel possible at first. It really is quite informal but gets to the point quite quickly to help you reach that place of OMG realization that takes to another level of discovery, that is when the really happens and you see and experience the changes.
Coaching is a journey of self discovery, where you learn things about yourself and you learn how fantastic you are.

I wanted to reach out to people who have been and stuck in their lives, people who are dominated by fear of letting go of old beliefs that are not serving them any more.
My work life started out in the Hairdressing industry where I worked with women listening to all their problems, I soon realized that there is lot more to human behavior than I thought. What makes us do what we do? where did these thoughts and beliefs come from ?
I spent time studying Psychology learning so much than I hadn't given any thought to, this helped me to help me with my Hairdressing clients.
I then discovered Life Coaching and how it works on the present and the future and not your past and the amazing results it brings.
So my real inspiration to help you take your life forward to another level and see you develop into the person you are meant to be.

Why should you choose me.
I am easy to work with, I am a good listener . you have my complete support throughout your journey of working with me.
I have also experienced so much in my past, that I can give you the empathy that is needed for to reach your goals.
Also I pride myself and being fully qualified and accredited to my profession and also working on my own personal continual personal development, as well I have monthly supervision.