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30 March 2019

Unprofessional. Avoid.

My mother had a one to one session with Linda and the entire session all Linda spoke about was money and being paid. My mother got her money out and paid Linda for the time, but the hour session was cut short as Linda hurried my mother out of the room.

Linda was insincere, selfish and unprofessional. I would not recommended her to anyone.

28 March 2019

Linda offers a safe and confidential space where you feel able to be held, affirmed and listened to without judgement. With her vast experience in working with so many mental health issues, she has a wonderful way of working with vulnerability, anxiety, depression, difficulties arising from life situations whatever they may be. I would highly recommend her as a highly competent and caring psychotherapist. Elise Wardle MA More...

28 March 2019

Open, understanding and patient.

28 March 2019

Highly qualified and experienced counsellor and Psychotherapist.

28 March 2019

Competent, knowledgable and experienced are just three words that I would apply to this compassionate Psychotherapist. She genuinely has so much to offer, I can do no more than to give my 100% recommendation to her.

27 May 2018

Linda is a very experienced therapist who is highly respected for her work with clients.

27 May 2018

I have known Linda since we studied together for our MSc Counselling. I know her to be an honest, caring and genuine person and wouldn't hesitate to refer clients on to her.

27 May 2018

Thank you Linda for your help. After meeting you, I was and remain motivated to move forward with my life.

27 May 2018

Linda is a warm and empathetic counsellor with a genuine passion for helping people. I would highly recommend her.

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