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*£15 for your first Personal Training session*

Hello, I’m Lily and I offer anti-diet, weight-inclusive Personal Training in Bedminster. I am now taking bookings from April 12th for 1:1 sessions outdoors ?
☀️ I have 5 years PT experience.

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I love working with people and helping them to recognise how much they are capable of in the body they have. It's so rewarding when clients recognise what their body can do, aside from how it looks. My goal is to help you feel stronger and fitter, alongside gaining body appreciation and acceptance.

I suffered with an eating disorder for most of my 20s. I was over exercising, under eating and general felt that my body needed to be punished in order to look a certain way. Since recovering, I have made it my mission to help others make peace with food, their bodies and engage in movement that's enjoyable and accessible for all body types.

I will never weigh you, measure you or ask you to write me a food diary. I will work with you on exactly what you want out of the session and never suggest that you lose weight or change your body in any way. I will make sure you enjoy your sessions and that exercise is a positive and rewarding addition to your life - rather than painful and punishing!

I can provide services over zoom or outdoors (from April 12th).

I have been vaccinated and will always have sanitising gel on hand!


Intuitive Eating involves 10 core principles that enable you to heal from disordered eating, the diet mentality and help you make peace with food. Intuitive Eating will allow you to recognise that you are the expert when it comes to your body’s natural ability to know how, what and when to eat.

Body Image Coaching is a form of Coaching Psychology with an aim to help you achieve a better relationship with your body. This can either be woven into other services such as Personal Training and Intuitive Eating Counselling, or used as a stand-alone service.

This service will help you build your self-worth, as well as unlearning any problematic beliefs you may still be holding onto about your body.