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1 April 2019

My daughters and I recently started Ju- jitsu . We have found Sensei extremely understanding, supporting and empathic . We have some differences which make processing information challenging at times. Always Sensei checks we have understood no matter how long it takes. He is non judgemental , an excellent teacher and a positive role model. We enjoy each session immensely and I would highly recommend it to anyone . More...

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6 March 2019

my daughter goes every week and love it. her sensei is amazing and does great work. already seen a change in her. She's three and ready to learn. would highly recommend.

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16 December 2018

Brilliant class my daughter and I go every week would recommend to anyone 5 stars

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8 August 2018

Our daughter tried out 2 free sessions of ju jitsu classes at gyhllside school a couple of months ago and she loved it and looks forward to going every week. She's getting so much from it, she's learning discipline, self control,respect and joining in and being part of something. Sensai clearly has amazing knowledge and is a great teacher to the kids. She has a great time each session and is learning and improving. Would highly recommend it. More...

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3 August 2018

We moved to the area at the end of last year. My daughter wanted to try some form of self defence and we dropped in on an event. She tried the 2 free weeks and was hooked. She is training hard and is making good progress towards her orange belt. Sensei has an amazing range of skills and knowledge and is very inspirational. Would thoroughly recommend to all age groups. More...

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13 July 2018

Hi I am one of the more senior members of the N.I.A. but one of the newest students so my review is limited. All i can say at the moment as a 43 year old man ive never seen such well balanced children/teenagers from 4 years old - adults. never have i met someone to lead me by example if i can gain a fraction of this it will be my best achivement to date More...

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21 June 2018

My boys thoroughly enjoy nunchucks and regularly practice at home. It’s helped build their confidence, self esteem and fitness through the discipline of training and dedication.

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4 December 2017

I have been training privately twice a week with Sensei R.Smith for just over a year now.
And if truth be told, I wish that I could have started years ago!

Sensei R.Smith has created from scratch, a brilliant Dojo in Windermere.
It is clean, bright, well maintained.

If you want to train in a safe, controlled and friendly atmosphere. This is the place to go!

The Dojo is a welcoming place and accommodates all; men, women, old, young, absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. It is great fun.

But the underlying ethos is a serious and disciplined commitment to training hard, drilling the moves, and mastering the many combat / self defence techniques of Ju-Jitsu and many other martial arts that Sensei R.Smith has studied.

The training sessions are exhausting but equally rewarding.
This is a life changing way to exercise, keep fit and grow the the mind, inside and outside the Dojo.

The standard of training is incredibly high. But, you are also in safe hand and you won't be asked to do something that you are not ready to do.

Sensei R.Smith is practically master of his art (6th Dan Ju-Jitsu, 4th Dan Nunchaku, 2nd Dan Kobudo) and he is unbelievably patient as an instructor.

Sensei R.Smith will certainly take you through your paces, knowing how to get the best out you.

Thank you very much!

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3 December 2017

Just passed Orange Belt during my second Winter Camp with Kesshin Kai. Really enjoyable experience! Hard work but good for the mind and good for the body.

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7 August 2017

A fab place to train. Warm a nd very accommodating

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25 May 2017

If it’s discipline, respect, routine, fitness, coordination, friendship & fun your after... then no need to look any further. My boys are 8 & 5 years old and it’s definitely safe to say, that it was the right move for us. They attend together, which they love, they look forward to seeing Sensai and learning new moves every week, and they have made a whole bunch of lifelong friends... plus they have found a new confidence in themselves. I couldn’t recommend it enough and glad I found it when I did. Thanks Richard Smith ��� More...

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1 March 2017

Keshin Kai Ju-Jitsu lessons have been very good for our daughter Eve. Confidence, attitude and self control have all improved. Thoroughly recommended for all !

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25 February 2017

Kesshin Kai is a strong traditional Martial Arts club for children and adults of all ages. My family enjoys every session. A high fitness level that we all love. Sensei Smith is brilliant with the little ones teaching them how to keep fit and being able to defend them selves for when that time comes. Learning many techniques and learning self control and disipline, would highly recommend to all! More...

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22 February 2017

My son loved having a go at jujitsu today!! :) he thinks he's kung fu panda now �

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22 February 2017

My daughter Willow has been attending jujitsu classes for a few months now. She is making great progress and loves attending every week. The classes have improved her confidence and her self belief . More...

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5 February 2017

I'm a student at the University of Cumbria, studying at the Ambleside campus. I joined Kesshin Kai in October, practicing traditional Ju-Jitsu and Kobudo under Sensei Smith. I hadn't practiced in a number of years, so it was really good to find a dojo within a reasonable distance of the campus. I participated in a Kobujutsu Level 1 introductory course, shortly after joining in October, which was brilliant! It gave me the basic understandings of Kobudo, and inspired me to continue training further. I also attended an International Seminar hosted by Kesshin Kai, which gave me, and many other people of all ages, a fantastic opportunity to workshop with prominent and experienced Senseis, in Ju-Jitsu, Aikido and Sport Nunchaku. For a really good price, Kesshin Kai also ran a Winter Camp, which allows students the chance to grade in a single weekend, be it in Ju-Jitsu, Kobudo or Sport Nunchaku; I achieved my first grade in Kobudo, and then in December 2016 I achieved my white belt in Ju-Jitsu. Kesshin Kai has a humbling ethos, teaching martial arts at a high level from a self defence point of view, while focusing on etiquette and moral values that teach students to see martial arts in everything they do. Sensei Smith is well experienced, and very fair, with memberships that are excellent value for money. I would definitely recommend Kesshin Kai, if you're serious about training in traditional martial arts. More...

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22 November 2016

Our son Daniel has been with kesshin kai for 4yrs and has progressed in ju-jitsu to brown & red belt and has learned so much, it is helping him to cope with bullying on a daily basis. It is also helping him to do better in school he has changed so much, his grades are improving every day and his confidence is growing. He has started to do Kobudo and is at yellow belt. His bedroom is covered in medals from competitions he has taken part in. We as parents are so proud of him and he is only 12yrs old he will hold doors open and we ask him to do anything around the house, he will with no problem at all, nothing is too much for him. He is a true inspiration and well mannered and he is our little star. Sensei Richard Smith has started to teach him the Sword and he is loving every part of it and it has a calming effect on him. Daniel has been away to Switzerland with Sport Nunchucku first time he went he came home with a second place award and the second time he went he was in the top 10 and he enjoyed the whole experience with thanks to Sensei Smith. More...

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27 January 2016

My son, Fred, became a member of the Sport Nunchaku U.K. in February 2012, aged 4. Since that first lesson Freddie has loved every minute of being in the club. He’s progressed from being a novice into a competent martial artist. In recent months Fred has achieved his brown and red belt and is now working hard towards his ultimate goal of becoming a black belt. Nunchaku is more than just fighting; there’s a lot to learn in terms of application, which is then transferred into Kata and Freestyle. At first Fred was quite daunted by Freestyle, but with the excellent instruction, supervision and encouragement from Sensei Smith, he’s as enthusiastic about Freestyle as he is combat. He’s National champion at Freestyle and Combat in his age group. A bonus to being at the club is the potential for overseas travel. Fred has been to Switzerland with Team GB in 2014, and 2016. Whilst 2014 was a learning experience for him, it enabled him to better prepare for 2016 where he became the double Work Champion (which followed his first championship medals in Kendal,2015. Foreign travel at such a young age, as part of a National Team, is a huge privilege. In addition to Sport Nunchaku, Fred attends Laido (sword) practice at the club. Fred loves the attention to detail in handling the wooden sword. He’s learning so much, enjoying himself and getting recognition for it. This is also then positively influencing his character and his attitude at school, with a recognizable change in confidence and greater understanding of culture, language, nutrition and food. It’s another great aspect of being part Kesshin Kai and Sport Nunchaku. More...

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6 October 2014

My son has been going to this club for 5yrs and still going strong, he loves every minute of it

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24 September 2014

My 6 year old son attends on a Wednesday night at the Sands Centre Carlisle. He does both Ju jitsu and Nunchaku and loves it. He has made new friends and it has also helped to boost his confidence through attending workshops, seminars and winning medals in competitions! More...

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